‘Don’t blame lawsuits for Homejoy’s death,’ says Lawyer Who Sued It to Death


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I think the solution for Uber, Homejoy, etc., is to neither be an employee nor an independent contractor. By mutual consent (best in writing), the service provider and the client can agree that, instead of payment for services, the client will lend money to the provider for thirty years, automatically renewable, of course. Personal loans are neither reportable nor taxable. The provider should, of course, pay back the loan within 120 years or so. I can lend money to you for any reason I wish, for as long as I wish. Let us see someone fight that one in court. Let it go viral.
Perhaps I sell chairs. Why could I not rather let you hold the chair as collateral for a loan of thirty years? No income; no taxes.
P.S.: There is no reason that a provider cannot lend money to someone who arranged the meeting for Uber/Homejoy. Gotta love those crypto-currencies.

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You've struck upon an excellent idea. I suspect it's only viable, however, for individuals who wish to (and plan to) stay small and independent. The key word here is "small". If you buy and sell for a living -- as an individual -- and employ few if any helpers in your enterprise, you might pull it off. For a time. If you deal only with people you trust not to be "statist" in mentality.

And if you do so quietly -- and tell nobody. Anonymity is the road to success for a free marketplace.

But whatever you do, never, never, never expect the white man to "obey-the-law". Never, never, never expect "rights". The only thing granted, sustained and guaranteed by the group of psychopaths acting under the umbrella of "the state" is wrongs. Please be aware of that.

Keep in mind that a huge percentage of all populations are infected with "capture bonding" (Stockholm Syndrome). Psychologists and psychiatrists who publish definitions of that term are themselves infected. Because either they do not see or they refuse to admit that they see that the overwhelming majority of the population are afflicted -- not merely a small number of bank employees in 1973 in an obscure robbery in Stockholm, Sweden. Or Patty Hearst.

Every "vote" is a symptom of Stockholm Syndrome. Every submission of a confession ("filing" of a tax "return") is a symptom of Stockholm Syndrome. Well, of the latter, you might say it is a symptom of fear of an illusory beast that does not exist. Same difference.

The hardest thing for libertarians to grasp is that "the law" is meaningless -- window dressing for coercion. No matter how you slice it, if you grow large and "go viral" as the current buzzword describes it, the white man is going to get you. He will force you into his "court". Once he gets you there, you will lose. In the event you enjoy a minor "victory" (like in the gambling business, the government business allows you to "win" now and again to keep them cards and letters comin' in -- sort of a "shill mentality"); you will still lose.

Unless you have deep pockets for "legal" (another joke) counseling, in which case you've already spent large sums to "win", which is losing. Or unless you actively engage in the vast arena of mercantilism.

Most of you have watched this video. The speaker talks in the first few minutes about the vast, incalculable myriad of laws on the books that can "getcha". I presume it's because the white man has constantly and consistently stuck his tentacles into the "holes" like the one you describe -- and come up with ways to prosecute you. Ask Bernard von NotHaus. Or Robert Kahre.

Especially if you are "high profile". So don't "go viral".

On the other hand -- and for exactly this reason -- I say you can be free. Here. Today. Where you're "at". The white man is too pompous and stupid to interfere with your liberty. Unless you allow it to happen.

So go ahead and loan me 1,000 federal reserve notes. I'll pay you back in 60 years. I'm 80 now, so that should give me some time to gain liquidity.

Meanwhile, I'll give you my old bike as collateral. What's your interest rate? Sam


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Wonderful essay and advice, Sam. I assure you that you are correct. When I was fighting he feds over taxes, I was consistently advised not to fight, since I could not win. One attorney said that he had not won a federal case in five years. I remember seeing that about 92% of cases are settled with a plea bargain, including many, many people who are innocent. I was told that I would never see my wife or children again, if I did not comply. I was high-profile. So, off to the clink I went. You can only guess the fantasies I have had. This idea is one of them. Being innocent or right will not protect you. Thoreau said that one should cultivate poverty like fine sage. The genius David B. King never allowed his income to exceed non-taxable levels. I am sending you the federal reserve notes. I am 70 now. I expect full payment when I am 130. If Ray Kurzweil is correct, you will be a spring chicken at age 140. Besides, I need the bike.

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Life is a game, and approximately half of the players are psychopaths. If one keeps that in mind, s/he can be free. And happy. And enjoy the game.

The psychopathic half of the player lineup are backed by gentlemen (and gentle-women -- lord have mercy!) with guns. That is what is called "jurisdiction".

It matters not how Black's or other statist publishers define "jurisdiction", that phenomenon is simply force of arms -- coercion. You can have jurisdiction also if you just get yourself a gun. I would advise against brandishing it about. The psychopathic half of the lineup try to make certain they have the greater number of armed players. That is part of how the game is set up. Those with the greatest firepower have the first claim on "jurisdiction".

But they are inept, inefficient, pompous. And easily circumnavigated.

The cheerleaders -- capture bonded all -- seem to be heavily weighted on the side of those with the most arms.

You win the game by sneaking under the fence and out of the park. Liberty is on the outside of the playing field, not the inside. Sam