15-Year-Old Girl Demolishes Gun Control Arguments


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How could you disparige the young lady. The problem is that her words are falling on deaf ears. Legislators have placed themselves above the American population granted to them by the people. I cannot comprehend how one human being can be such a bully, or better yet psychotic-bully. There must be some passage of rite wherein the drink the green spleen juice of some long gone creature, or eaten its liver and taken an oath to become Lords of Darkness.
She did address an issue of which I never considered and that would be people at the lower income level thus denying them the right to self-defense. Over time I have come to learn that most countries wherein firearms have been confiscated they, the government, initiates a progrom of extermination. This concerns me since DHS has amassed 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition and 2700 armored vehicles. One site I read the predictiion that the DHS will send its troops out to the specific locations to reinforce the local enforcement. Should they fail to carry out the task DHS personnel will give them a demonstration on how its to be done if you refuse to turn over your firearm