17-Year Old Girl Arrested For Swearing Whilst Talking With A 911 Operator To Help Dying Father


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I don't even know what to say about this circumstance. The amazing part is the department admitting that she was arrested on a charge that doesn't even exist.

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I wish that I could say that such vacuous vogonery was uncommon in these parts-it really isn't. Instead, common sense has become the exception.

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To whoever liked this, what is "vogonery"?

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From TheFreeDictionary.com :

-ery or -ry
1. A place for: bakery.
2. A collection or class: finery.
3. A state or condition: slavery.
4. Act; practice: bribery.
*5. Characteristics or qualities of: snobbery.
[Middle English -erie, from Old French : -er, agent suff. (partly from -ier; see -er1, and partly from -ere, -eor; see -or1) + -ie, noun suff.; see -y2.]

From Urbandictionary.com :


"Fictitious alien race from Douglas Adam's(sic)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series of books, television shows and radio plays.

Vogons are renowned for their bad poetry, dislike of hitchhikers, bad temper and tendency to blow up mostly harmless planets.

Most Vogons tend to become bureaucrats for the galactic government, a profession ideally suited to their unpleasant natures.

A prime example of a Vogon is Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz, captain of the Vogon constructor fleet that demolished the planet Earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass."

In other words, it was an attempt at humor using an esoteric slice of science-fiction patois. Similar to this post in that it is meant in jest.

Frankly, I could think of no more appropriate characterization than Doug Adams' shuffling bureau-slugs when the police chief was interviewed-including appearance.

I assumed that Google, etc, would search the root word-it seems they do not, which (almost) spoils the fun.

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Just watched the YouTube. I have no problem believing this. I have seen more examples that go well beyond this like a woman arrested for stopping her car in a public area and snapping pictures of a helecopter and being immediately arrested, detained, abused, denied her right to a phone call and having her camera destroyed. The arrest of the young lady is mild compared to the woman (she has retained an attorney and sueing the city, department, and officers).
I have absolutely no doubt that there are many LEO's whom, if the order to confiscate all private firearms, will shoot law abiding citizens with no hesitation should they refuse to turn over their firearm. There are also scarry bits of research on this issue regarding our young warriors in the military.