Daddy, Who Won the War?

Well, son, let me explain . . . .

I have watched the RCBW network (Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, Wolfowitz under the guise of the Murdoch enterprise known as FOX), give the lie to their motto stated ad nauseum: "Fair and balanced."

I have watched even the liberals who want to place America into a version of socialism the old Soviets would envy, capitulate and express support.

I have read countless blogs and news sites where the patriotic (so-called) fervor seems more like the raging hormones of teen-agers than rational thought.

I read of a United Nations in its usual position of attempting to expound at great lengths about its efforts do nothing, with tremendous success.

I read countless libertarian and even, anarchist sites, where I discover many who, if not placing blame on the present administration, abandon their own atheistic principles and put the blame on God.

I have read the words of a few dozen writers who "get it all" and feel an immediate kinship, but unfortunately, it is one with the seeming futility of the new "Do the Dew" advertisement, which is merely an expansion on the story of Jonah and the great Fish.

I wonder, as do many, if the world has gone mad. Truth be known, the world did so eons ago. We are just playing out the string.

But who won the war?

It is not the stray missiles and broken convoy/supply lines and bloody Iraq bodies strewn about in bombing sites; it is not about troop movements and surrounding Baghdad and 4,700 pound bunker-busters torching everything for blocks to blow up long-emptied buildings. It is not even about WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction), one of the most vile acronyms ever perpetrated in propagandistic fashion upon this nation (unless you wish to count a bus driven into a tank and a suicide taxi driver!)

America has already lost the war. We might "conquer" territory, but this "war" was lost before it began. Nothing about it constitutionally defines it as war. The concept of a "just war" is lost completely when one considers the total mismatch in military strength. It is akin to the NFL Super Bowl Champions taking on the 8th Grade Pee Wee Football League team, and complaining that some of the 8th graders are pulling the leg hairs of the pros under the pile after each tackle.

A simple analogy will suffice. During a long rehab project, my carpenter buddy, the Dawgs, and I lived in "da hood." The only white boys for blocks and blocks. Now I happen to believe, despite what others say, that the concept of liberty may well be most alive in "da hood." While it is not total anarchy, "da Man" (read that--"any governmental authority) is universally dissed. Government aid, be it in whatever form, is not seen as a handout, but more to the real point, "gitting back lost respect." I found a greater work ethic in "da hood" than I have found among any of America's privileged.

In "da hood" ya gotta, just to make it day to day.

My neighbor on one side was a sharp lady--she knew life as it really was, and not much unlike the Iraqi's who seem so unthankful for the American invasion of their land. She works 6 of 7 days at a nursing home, taking care of the bodily needs of those whose lives have been reduced to soiling sheets and complete dependency. She also has taken in two of her deadbeat sister's kids, and is raising them as her own. Her landlord (Must be related to Saddam) is a total jerk. Joe and I helped her fix what he would not.

But--pity the homeboy that tried hitting on the girls. I have seen my former neighbor charge the homeboys with white-hot fire in her eyes, and somehow, the homeboys understood they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

My buddy and I were her reserves when she was at work on her night shift.

Her kids were instructed to go get Mr. Joe or Mr. Jeff if there ever was problem when she wasn't there. Several times we were out front on the sidewalk doing our duty. My Aussie Shep, on a leash, served valiantly as a reminder that God created big dawgs with big teeth for a specific reason.

On the other side of our humble rehab abode, was Willie. Space does not permit me to fully describe Willie, 'cept to say, no man I have ever met is more independent than Willie. First time we met him, we asked about the safety of "da hood." Willie lifted his shirt, and the .38 in a holster underneath spoke volumes. Immediately he said it was registered, and that any crazy (insert the most politically incorrect term) that showed up would bite a hollow point. My buddy, who has an antique 1918 .44, and a 30.06 long barrel, began a conversation with Willie.

Needless to say, word spread, and the only intrusion on our property was that damn squirrel running up and down the phone line and making my Aussie Shep bark in frustration at 7 a.m. every morning.

Point being--in "da hood"--"da man" (government) is not trusted one whit, but merely tolerated in the struggle to keep life alive. As we witness Iraqis who know Saddam is a lost cause, nonetheless fight and do whatever to protect themselves and their land from the Americans who have violated their own Constitution to be there destroying everything that the simple people have--for the second time in 12 years--well . . .

Apply the concept of "da hood."

The Iraqi people, not Saddam, are answering the American invasion of their property. We are choosing not to listen, and no matter the eventual political outcome . . .

We have already lost.

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