The State of Oregon has two things that gives it a distinct "flavor"--if you will, over against many other states of the union.

First, it has a population that, in general, tends to vote and speak contrary to commonly accepted political views.

Second, Oregon has its own "Eugene"--also once know as "Skinner's Mud Hole."

Both of which make the bill proposed to the state senate at once suspect, and highly unlikely to be passed. Its basic outline pretty much assures its defeat. Add to it that a member of the War Party wrote it, and one is fairly sure it will crash and burn as it rightly deserves to do.

That's the easy part to understand. Some things, like passing gas in a crowded public room, have no justification. Unfortunately, more and more in this present moment in time, the idea that an elected politician would actually dream up such proposed legislation, and imagine it might be considered, strikes an ominous chord for all those who treasure freedom in its essence. To have the right to cause elected rulers to pause and reconsider is officially being challenged as a matter of law. A public fart should have have more support!

Scripture speaks of a pig returning to its mud and a dog consuming its own vomit. Very applicable at this moment in time, when you consider another Eugene, who bought a lot of jail time for simply telling the truth. The idea of being forced to consider doing so, by those WE elect, is amazing. Such an idea might get favorable airtime on Fox and Hannity's radio blitzkrieg and Rush's Ramblings, but in light of the essential rights of the citizen OVER rulers, this is a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION against personal liberty far more dangerous than anything the petty tyrant we are spending billions of dollars chasing around the desert of Iraq.

We have returned to the mud and vomit, or at the very least, are being legally manipulated, as Debs pointed out, into becoming serfs yet again.

That anything like this should occur in the land of the brave and the home of the free is . . .

Lately, pretty damn normal.

The article about Oregon legislation is more a footnote than anything else in the present train of events, as the War on Whatever continues to expand, but it should highlight just how eager government always is to remove freedom from its rightful owners.

Those in power never fail to resort to Machiavellian techniques to consolidate power. The citizen is never truly trusted by rulers, because the rulers know the citizenry has never trusted rulers.

Therein lies the real, and only, War on Terror.

Read Debs' speech again. Learn how to be free.

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