Permission To Be Free

I am ambivalent re: same sex marriages--not my cup of tea, and I'd rather have a cold long-neck and an intelligent woman to talk to . . . but I digress.

I caught the story last night--and I caught the hints of Ontario preparing to decide on it several weeks back. While it appears that it is a victory for personal freedom, in reality, it is not. It is a mere shift by the government in how it dispenses its power OVER the inherent rights of individuals.

Since individual rights exist by nature, and government only serves to limit them or tax them, then the government in any way involved in the "marriage" business is a farce. Even Ontario, and the two EU countries approving SSM, are not protecting personal rights, but merely granting "permission."

Every aspect of marriage can be handled solely by the two individuals involved. There is no need for the "state." Legal documents can be put together regarding "partnerships" that would be binding on any concern, property or financial or insurance or death benefits--all without the government and its interference.

Marriage is a covenant between two people. Period. In their freedom to love one another, they choose one another. The idea that the government should be in the picture, in any way, either PRO or CON, is totally absurd.

And imagine the high number of divorce lawyers who might be reduced to flipping burgers for a living, when the present legal divorce racket dried up, and they had to get real jobs!

Add to that, judges and so-called "Friends of the Court." I lost a 21 year marriage, one of my two sons emotionally, $60,000 up front money, and the $130,000 property we owned outright. And I still loved her.

Why? The state decreed "no-fault" divorce. Except, what that really meant was, she said "no," and I was "at fault."

Were marriage to have been removed from the political/legal arena, and left solely to the contractual agreements between two individuals that it is in essence, I would still have the bride of my youth, and the love of my oldest son.

Government is an ass, and it constantly "moons" all of those whom it is supposed to serve.

Gays now have "permission" from the government, just as we hetero's have "permission." Big whoops! All of which means we have to beg the government to give us what is ours by birthright. Just what everyone needs--permission to be free.

They should have gotten a good lawyer and a good accountant, done their own vows, and be at whatever peace-level they determined.

This serves to exemplify precisely why we need limited government, or in the ideal world, NONE of the damned politicians.

(My thanks to the Fire-Dancing Lady for the inspiration.)

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