Want to See the World Implode

I'd like to see some real hell unleashed in the upcoming year.

I want a briefcase full of weaponized toxins to explode in front of the New York Stock Exchange. I want to see political assassinations take place all over Amerika, melee assassinations, live on television during a press conference. I want power outages to roll their way through the countryside, from Boston to D.C. to Miami to Dallas to Los Angeles to San Francisco to Seattle and back again. I want the economy to collapse into a pile of green ashes. I want 401(k) plans and IRAs and mutual fund investments to disappear. I want the twelve Federal Reserve Bank branches to go up in flames.

I want new laws, more laws, bigger laws. I want laws that prohibit smoking in public, in private, on the high seas, and on the moon. I want drug laws that will put a high school student in the electric chair for smoking a joint. I want a big, fat, unabashed tax increase that will impoverish most of the nation (politicians and their friends, of course, will not only be exempt from paying any taxes but will receive an astonishing pay raise). I want to see concentration camps for everyone.

I want all demonstrations to be banned unless they support the government, and I want all anti-government demonstrators to be treated as harshly as possible. I want another Kent State, another Chicago, another Vietnam. I want war all day long, body bags coming home by the thousands, and I want the draft reinstated by New Year's Day 2004. I want military recruiters on every high school and college campus from coast to coast. I want habeas corpus to be obliterated, warrants and due process gone, and all written recognition of civil and human rights to be burned. I want to be punished for even attempting to write this column.

I want congress dissolved, the court system abolished, and martial law to be established. I want Amerika to be run in secret, by men whose names and locations are unknown to the public. I want fascism, totalitarianism, tyranny. I want a system of terror and fear and death. I want targeted killings of subversives. I want poisoned water supplies for dissenting regions. I want hell for everyone, all at once, with no sweet talk.

Because then, maybe, the sheeple of Amerika will wake up and see what is happening to them. Then they may come to realize that none of it is for their own good. They might, just maybe, stand up for themselves and fight back against the government/industrial complex that has been abusing and oppressing them, bit by bit, for the better part of the 20th century (and thus far, the whole of the 21st). The Amerikan people have been conditioned over the past several decades to always accept, though sometimes reluctantly, small infringements on their rights, abuses of power, lies by politicians, unnecessary wars, and all kinds of usurpation, from embezzlement to corporate fraud. Only large-scale fraud and corruption have been able to catch the people's attention and call them to action.

And the times really have changed-for the worse. Now, egregious acts can be committed against people, as long as the rationalization is frightening enough, or the phraseology is Orwellian enough. So, I'd like to see Amerika explode, immediately, with no warning, into a cesspool of blatant governmental abuse and inexcusable violence. The faster we get to the wretched depths of hell, the more likely we are to be able to get back home. After all, if hell is where we are already headed, a brief visit would be better than an eternity.

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