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'Today's rebels are tomorrow's aristocrats.' ~ Frank Herbert

Before I begin this column, I want everyone to visit the forums of Anti-state.com and view this thread. I post there under the nickname 'Anarch, Now and Forever.' Now, let's chat for a minute.

There has been this big ongoing debate about anarcho-capitalism and anarcho-socialism. One school says that only capitalism and free trade is conducive to a free society. The other school says that by sharing resources, labor and any surplus, we could create a free society where everyone is taken care of and no one suffers. I say that it is time to end this bullshit debate. I say that we need a movement for just plain old, garden-variety anarchy.

Why do I say this? If you took a look at the aforementioned thread, you would see a very scary thing. In this thread, avowed anarchists are describing what they would do if they were the state! Can you believe this? I can. Now, before the ansocs say that this is a capitalist thing, I would lay you 10-1 odds that the ansocs would have the same idea. Using the power of the state to remove the power of the state. Oh, they justify it as 'liberation,' 'repealing bad laws,' etc. The fact is that they are nothing more than regular old stinking assed statists.

The whole point of being an anarchist is eliminating the state, not using state power to destroy the state. Anyone who would claim absolute power over anyone else is automatically suspect as far as anarchy is concerned. However, anyone who not only claims the power, but uses it, is an out and out statist. The only reason why you will be able to "repeal" the law and any one will even listen to you is because you control the guns. If that weren't the case, then no one would even care about your edicts and would just do what they wanted anyway. So, why abandon your principles for expediency? Why claim to hate the state if your biggest dream is to be one?

As far as the whole economic debate, I believe this. Once we are free, there will be a myriad of economic systems; some of which we have never seen. However, as long as they are voluntary and free, I don't give a damn as to what economic system you live under. We have gotten away from the whole idea of anarchistic freedom.

One of the arguments that I hear from anarcho-capitalists is that all anarcho-socialists and anarcho-communists want to just use the state to bring their socialist utopia to fruition. The anarcho-socialists say the same thing about the anarcho-capitalists. Could it be true that there is some truth to both sides' assertions? Could it be that both groups, if they were in power, would use the state to further their goals and damn anyone who got in their way? I believe so. Thus, I want to herald the return of the just plain old anarchist. I want to signal my war against all statists, crypto or otherwise. I am announcing my freedom from a hyphen. This is my anarchist Independence Day.

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