The Great Freedom Robbery

At breakfast with a friend this morning, she told me her husband felt that the nation was leaning too far to the conservative side under the Bush leadership. Excuse me? It was my duty to inform her that George W. Bush is not a conservative. He is a tyrant, a populist leader created by the imagery of Karl Rove, and the antithesis of everything that conservatism represents. He is a disgrace to the conservative tradition, and the most dangerous president this nation has had since Abraham Lincoln, and certainly the most bloodthirsty.

No man has taken freedom from the American people so quickly and with such popular cooperation and flag-waving in our 227-year history. Yet American people believe the illusion of this fascist invention of a 'president' rather than face the truth that we are now closer to Nazism than any nation in the world since Germany under the Third Reich.

Never has evil permeated our culture to the extent that it could masquerade as a reputable form of government, acceptable to the average American citizen because of hyper-spin and the deception of a 'great American superpower.' What manner of delusion is this? Supposedly mature, sane, somewhat informed Americans can support wholesale slaughter by American troops in foreign lands where our 'national security interest' varies so blatantly from day to day that they cannot see the obvious chicanery afoot? Yet that is precisely what is happening. And to compound this atrocious duplicity, these same Americans will tell me that we have to give up some of our freedoms if we are to have safety and security.

This is not only mass insanity, it is the greatest freedom robbery in America 's short history as a nation. Our prospects for remaining a nation diminish daily as the lust for empire grows and the imperialists take citizens and make them subjects without their even knowing that they are now slaves of the state.

I am ready to believe that chemtrails are smothering us with airborne crack cocaine! Or perhaps the CIA has placed Ecstasy into the water supply. The more I see of Bush's popularity, the more I am willing to believe that Americans who support him are either 1) insane; 2) drugged; 3) aliens posing as humans; 4) all of the above; OR 5) scared spitless that if they don't get on his bandwagon, they might disappear in the night.

Then I remember! He did not win Election 2000. Somehow, he took it. Karl Rove manipulated him into the governorship of Texas , and by hook and crook and anything else handy such as blackmail, he maneuvered him into the White House. The scarcely-known Karl Rove (ask your hairdresser, barber or mail carrier if they know who Karl Rove is) has engineered all that is necessary for the greatest deception ever foisted upon the American public, including Pearl Harbor . The many unanswered questions of Nine-Eleven will go unanswered, the bogey-men who were supposedly responsible for the 'attack on America ' have faded into oblivion, we seldom hear of Osama bin Laden now that we have Afghanistan under our thumbs. We hear less of Saddam Hussein. Yet otherwise functioning Americans will believe that this nation is fighting a war on terrorism. The terrorists are us, but say so and you will be attacked by Bush-believers who are more savage than a pack of Bengal tigers.

In the depths of a masked depression, our leaders are spending us into financial collapse, while their own mega-fortunes grow. And for this excess, they are lauded rather than lynched.

The Great Freedom Robbery was orchestrated so cleverly that those being robbed handed over whatever was asked of them and approved the acts of the robbers with applause.

Is it any wonder that other nations regard us as the world's great stupid power? If the 1950's was the era of the Ugly American, the 21st century is the era of the Deluded American. Is it any wonder the world looks at us with astonishment? We have forgotten everything we were in order to become what we hated, and we're doing it with relish, glee, flag-waving and pride.

Even Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone, could not have conceived of this mess or if he did, he dared not put it on his program, this is too far out. As for George Orwell, he might have believed some of it, but I doubt he could have conceived of anything like the George W. Bush that Karl Rove has created. There's something post-Orwellian about our present condition, and it is likely to grow worse. Unless, of course, Russia and China figure enough is enough and put an end to it ' and us.

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Dorothy Anne Seese is retired and lives in Sun City, Arizona.  She majored in political science at UCLA in the mid-1950s.  Her website is here.