George W. Bush: A Designer President by Karl Rove


The White House has taken a cue from the success of producer/director Steven Spielberg, a confessing liberal communicant, and Karl Rove has created from a patrician family's spoiled son, errant investor and baseball fan both a governor for the state of Texas and now, a true "designer" president for Americans who are hungry for a hero to worship and a leader to follow. In fact, Rove's masterpiece goes far beyond Spielberg's transformation of Liam Neeson into Oskar Schindler. Karl Rove, in his mastery of the chameleon politician, isn't looking for a few million on opening weekend, he's in for a minimum of an eight year run and perhaps following that, a succession of Bush boys in the White House. And hundreds upon hundreds of millions in whatever Rove wishes to invest.

Unless they all get caught.

But at the rate of Karl Rove's present success, perhaps the voices of the liberals who see through the act and wimp down, the constitutionalists and libertarians who cannot get media voice, and the balance of the world that's plain sick of Boy Emperor, will continue to fall on deaf ears. The American public seems to love being fooled into believing in this creation by the White House's own version of Spielberg. It's downright embarrassing for me to find no real room for disagreement with some very liberal columnists and newspapers, but if even a Stalinist paper said "it is hot in Phoenix in summer" then truth is truth regardless of who says it. The New York Times has even zeroed in on the Bush theatrical company.

One of my favorite movies is the 1942 film "Casablanca" starring Humphrey Bogart as the heroic Rick Blaine. The real Bogart, (a Hollyworld leftist) gets lost in the character . . . in the very same way that the real George W. Bush is lost in the drama of an American wartime president. One might as well believe in the television series West Wing. The difference is, we know Martin Sheen isn't the president and he is a liberal. Americans know George Bush is sitting in the Oval Office, but they don't seem to know who he really is because of the creative art and talent of the shadowiest man since the original "Shadow" of old time radio. Karl Rove has engineered public thought to believe W. Bush is a "conservative" and he isn't a conservative, he is a patrician with imperialist notions of grandeur and control over America -- and any part of the world that confronts US policy. Perhaps no greater tyrant has come to the forefront in America, but is it Bush, or Rove? That's the real mystery.

Look at the George W. Bush personas, created and directed by Karl Rove, that you have seen since the year 2000:

* Regular guy in the presidential debates, honest fella struggling over his words.

* Texas cowboy riding in his truck, even with Russian President Putin in the cab. Just a nice guy from Texas, eats chili.

* "Let's move on" president who refused to undo former President Clinton's offenses, appearing to be "forgiving" when in fact he was complicit and had every intention of using the same strategies and carrying them to new lows -- but with his zipper up.

* The low-keyed and self-controlled president who negotiated for the release of our EP-3 crew after the Chinese forced it down (but the plane was returned in packing boxes).

* The "wartime president" who emerged from nine hours of disappearance on September 11, 2001, to lead his own people into a so-called Homeland Security fiasco whereby otherwise sane Americans accepted the idea that free people have to surrender their freedoms in order for Uncle Sam to give them safety, protection and a spy in the sky with a National ID card on its way. Just for safety of course.

* The man who vowed to "get" and punish Osama bin Laden, who wasn't "got" and is . . . somewhere.

* The man who then switched villains openly, onstage, in the middle of the second act to put the bee on Saddam Hussein, who was only killing his own people, mostly Shiites, within his own country, and asked for UN approval to remove old Saddam while half the US fleet was already steaming toward the Med, sitting in the Persian Gulf, or within airstrike range of Iraq. When he did not get approval, he went ahead, with the world (except UK's Tony Blair) fuming at Bush's arrogance, ambition and poorly disguised intention to "take Iraq."

* The man who assured the world that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, and the evil intent to use them against the US was a clear and present danger to our national security interests. When none were found, and after uncounted lives were lost and Iraq's infrastructure almost completely destroyed, no apology was offered, but instead the Designer President began to chant "victory" and called on all Americans to wave their flags. And many of them did and still are, no questions asked about the continuum of inconsistencies in our purpose, motives, national security interests, foreign policy or why we never get the bad guys. Saddam wasn't "got" either. He is . . . somewhere.

* The back-to-regular-guy, our heroic and charming president, who cost the US a million or so dollars for a theatrical landing in a jet plane on a moving ship that had to go in circles to wait for a president who was easily within helicopter range. But the show must go on. And it did, it is, it will.

There are quite a few of us out here in the hinterlands of America who refuse to allow a duplicitous Rove a la Spielberg creation to deceive us into thinking that we have either a "conservative" or a conscientious president. He's a patrician, globalist, elitist, bonesman, son of the former "new world order" president whose family fortunes at least equal that of the DeBeers or Rothchilds . . . only the resource is different. The Bush dynasty isn't into diamonds, may have banking interests, but primarily are oil barons.

So much for the regular guy, the cowboy, the man with a conscience, and Olasky's cute "compassionate conservatism" because the Bush clan is none of these, nor is W. Bush. So much for the president who loves the little children, or has any intention of ever keeping his oath of office. So much for the illusion of a "Christian" president . . . that is the darkest side of all of this, and the most blasphemous. That takes the Name of the Lord in vain totally and completely (unless he really does hallucinate and think he is the messiah, in which case Karl Rove has to get him out of that mode before presenting him on stage).

If Act One of Karl Rove's continuing drama was the governorship of Texas, and Act Two is the president who would be emperor . . . and if his talent follows along Spielberg lines . . . one has to ask:

Is Jurassic Park next?

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