4 Gay NFL Players Could Come Out on the Same Day


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This strikes me as funny. I've watched this "gay" phenomenon now for several dozen years, and it's become more and more pathetic every year -- everyone finding it obligatory to fall all over themselves to accommodate that particular behavior -- which, as far as I'm concerned they (homosexuals) have every right to practice. So now, the worshipful "NFL" will have themselves some "gays" on board. Don't it just make your little heart go pitty-pat.

Maybe, in lieu of requisite state worship with flags and marching bands during halftime,
they'll be having "gay pride" strides and strolls -- with love speeches and the whole she-bang.

I'm a gay man. I've never had to "come out" -- I never was "in" for that matter. Maybe that's because I'm not homosexual (in any sense of that term), but I am gay.

The platitudes go on and on.


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Your being "gay" is that in theory and not practice. O.K. Poor joke. I had to use the line. watching the "The Marigold Hotel Most exotic hotel of all" last night and a bloke admitted his gayness but closed with an after remark of "that's in theory not practice" He had a lover when he was young and never took up again as the discovery of the gayness drove the other family out of town. This was India where they look down on such practices with severe consequences to the entire family.
It strikes me as individuals we can come to a decision in a flash without considering long term unintended consequesces. Right now I see unintended consequences for such a proposal.

At one point n my life I really didn't care. I knew a a number of gay people in my life. All that I met were quiet, polite, respectful and were never bullish about their gayness and they never marched around dressed up in costumes and being outlandish and disrespectful, if you will, they were decent law abiding successful people. There is an organization called namba or mamba, or some form of acronym that advocates pedophiles as being a natural occuring event. I have read of some psychologist that are coming to accept the idea that they are legitimate. The organization has posed the circumstance that if SCOTUS provides a legal ruling on marraige of gay couples that an approval provides a backdoor for them to squeeze their agenda of legitimacy in. My original question regarding this whole marraige thing was "where does it end?" (Contracts in my view cannot possibly contain all the variations that could be proposed). Certainly not until it is performed and developed will we honestly know the outcome, but once established can you honestly, and honorably dismiss it at a later date?

I merely suggest that a longer look at the issue be taken and at least cease the bullying on any individual regardless, but the that callss for the vultures to scribble out more laws and regulations once SCOTUS legitimizes it. I believe there are other alternatives

Note: These are merely thoughts and not commitments to a position one way or the other. My comments are for legitimate discussion and not implied or intended to be argumentative

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In case you didn't catch it, my calling myself "gay" was a swipe at the abduction in the 60's and 70's of the word "gay" in order to provide an euphemism for what might naturally and ordinarily be considered unhealthy behavior.

"Gay" does not mean or have anything to do with "homosexual". But the appropriation of the word has been rather successful in what I see as a major "divide and conquer" tactic to gently and subtly lead the unwashed masses into a collectivist mindset.

Emotions run high around the topic of sexuality. So getting the folks to wig and wag over what would under ordinary definitions would be considered deviant behavior serves to redirect their attention from real issues:

    1) disarming "the citizenry",
    2) robbing them of their production and their resources,
    3) absconding with their specie by substituting worthless fiat "currency",
    4) ruining their economy and way of life by said theft,
    5) bringing about an abject police state through phony "wars" (drug, terror, et al.),
    6) being complicit in "crises" to create the illusion of "protection"

The list could go on, and on, and on. So the "gay" and homosexual marriage and hate crime thing has worked wonders in camouflaging truth and guiding the couch spuds into acceptance of greatly expanded government. "Good is bad and bad is good".

The internet, however, is throwing a monkey-wrench into the works. It must be regulated. Look for some egregious legislation "...for 'our' protection...".


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Finished the blue drops. Quiet interesting. It astounds me how you are able to find all this stuff. I would never know where or what to look for. It strikes me that you must spend a large amount of time on the internet.
You mention couch spuds, but I see them as the disenfranchized oblivious, people struggeling day by day, catching glimpses of the news and not grasping what is happening. Right now the one issue that has taken fire is the second amendment. It has awaken a huge portion of Americans to fight back against the illiterate government. Many Americans have no idea what is or is not good or bad. They see one man with 4 children get 25 years in prison for selling a few of his pain pills to a friend while another rapes and murders a young woman and gets 7 years. There will be no peace till there is justice and I believe this saying holds true for freedom. There will be no freedom till there is justice--not phoney psychopathic justice but true justice.
The euphimisms and other cover words will fly over their heads because they are so involved with their lives they can't see what is happening. We are in America...land of the free. Nothing's going to happen??? And they go merrily on their way. Whatcha gonna do? A hand full of people are not going to bring the poisonous tree down. It has to be poisoned at the roots.
Well. That's my understanding at this point.


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Haven't read the blue drops yet, but, if I am not mistaken I indicated "bad joke" intent, kidding around. It's just I watched a program last night called the "Marigold hotel the best exotic hotel around" wherein an older gentelman was being hounded by one of the older ladies at the hotel and he finally said he was gay. He walked away and paused, turned and said that he was gay in theory rather than practice. Actually he had an involvemet with a young Indian fellow when he was younger, of which, when discovered, destroyed the family forcing them out of the community. I found it hillarious because the woman hounding him was dumbfounded by his remark. He had always felt responsible for what had happened to his friend (lover) because he said nothing in their defense. It was funny and sad.

I guess I need to keep my sense of humor to my self, its just that I get tired of being serious all the time. There are moments when one needs to laugh. Sorry I did not recognize that it would resonate far differently than I expected it too. I mistook your lengthy life exeriance, but I understood exactly what you ment, it was just difficult to resist after having heard the reparta to the older woman.

I recognize all the euphimisims the government uses in an attempt to try and lessen the severity of what they propose to do to the people and I recognize all the manipulations of other organizations that work to extracate what they want. Everything I have regarding these issues have come from you; you have been virtually the only one to sustain me.
Again I am sorry for trying to be humorus.