9/11 in Laymen's Terms


What has the last 40 months wrought in our favor as a nation, if one is so inclined to think in terms of America as a nation anymore?

Afghanistan is still effectively ruled by warlords, the pretense of a free election there notwithstanding. Iraq is still effectively a three-way civil conflict between Shi-ites, Sunnis, and the Kurds, with or without Saddam.

Al-Quaida, whatever the origins and true reality of that group might be, remains as elusive to our "overwhelming" forces as always.

American soldiers, contrary to every bit of wisdom of the Founding Fathers, are being sent to make war, be crippled or die, in foreign entanglements.

Politicians glorify themselves at such expense, spend incredible, uncountable amounts of our money to do so, exculpate themselves from every responsibility except to inflict more of the same upon us and those unfortunate inhabitants in those foreign entanglements, and America congratulates itself last week on yet one more "peaceful" transfer of power.

Big whoops!

Sorry, I was being flippant with that remark . . . as flippant as those in power were when making accusations in preparation for war that were . . . well, simply put . . .


However, two things have changed.

1) The Taliban, who had been negotiating with the US about contractual rights to their oil pipeline prior to 9/11, have been routed (somewhat) from power, and the US now controls the flow of oil there. Oh, and the poppy fields are again alive and well.

2) Saddam has been removed from power and the US now controls the flow of oil from Iraq--albeit frequently interrupted by those damnable Iraqis who persist in thinking Iraqi oil belongs to the Iraqi people for use or profit. The Iraqi casualties from all of this do not merit even a whisper on any network, including the "fair and balanced" bunch at FOX.

The parties responsible for 9/11? They need not apply for consideration anymore. The US government has little need of them in order to pursue what has become The Fourth Crusade. If one doubts that fact, a mere substitution of "Iran" for "Iraq" in recent daily headlines is sufficient.

Attempting logically to follow the progression of reasoning and subsequent events courtesy of our so-called freedom-loving, freedom-worldwide-perpetuating government, makes the disconnect almost unbearable. Any urge to blame the Elephants is tempered by the fact that the Jackasses are complicit up to their earlobes!

In "Laymen's Terms" . . . no one has benefited from a single "response" to 9/11, except those connected to Western oil concerns, and the politicians.

However . . . armchair patriots declare their backing of "our boys in the war" and give forth loud cheers at military flyovers at major sporting events; politicians applaud each other at any mention of the war by others of their stripe; and God in His Heaven is surely on our side!

As I have written before . . . I do not despair over any of this. While others might fear such a colossal growth in the power of government to control and manipulate true freedom to its own ends, I believe quite the opposite.

I believe 9/11 marked the lighting of the fuse for the implosion of the entire concept of government as we have known it.

In laymen's terms . . . A good start.

May such portents of promise for the ultimate result of true freedom continue.

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