Auschwitz! Why?

In all the stuff I see about Auschwitz and the Nazis, nobody wants to grapple with the truth of why and where it all came from.

First off, the Nazis aren't the first to commit genocide. Others have done it, too. But the genocides do have one common denominator'they were all committed by the same INSTITUTION'GOVERNMENT. Not the car dealers, grocery stores, florists, dry cleaners or any other PRIVATE institution.

Exposing the truth about the origins of Auschwitz would challenge too many sacred cows, because the foundation of a totalitarian state is GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS.

Government schools teach young, impressionable minds to revere the state, submit to its authority and bow down to its bureaucrats. (That's why governments always want to run the schools.) By the 7th grade, the kid belongs more to the state than his own parents. He even thinks his parents are crazy.

When government school-trained kids become adults, they continue to obey the "authorities." They pay their taxes without complaint, obey idiotic regulations, surrender their guns, and even glorify their oppressors.

(Thousands of people have called for the execution of Scott Peterson, who MAY have killed two people. While nobody has yet called for even the arrest or prosecution of George Bush, who is personally responsible for over 10,000 American casualties in Iraq alone, plus as much as 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians. Moreover, he has, under his personal control, more real WMDs than the rest of the world put together. Why do people fear Scott Peterson more than George Bush? This psychological disconnect can be laid at the feet of government schooling.)

This explains why millions of people obeyed the orders to show up at the town square, with one suitcase, for "resettlement to the east." And why they obeyed the orders to "dig your own grave, take off your clothes and turn around so we can shoot you in the head." They had been thoroughly conditioned to think of government authorities as their rightful SUPERIORS, and were thus unable to resist or fight back. They were used to "trusting" the government with their "security," and had surrendered all traces of independent thought.

We have this same phenomenon in America today. Teenagers, who have never been to Iraq or even know an Iraqi person, are perfectly willing, in opposition to their parents' wishes, to be sent to Iraq to kill strangers on behalf of Emperor Bush. They are more loyal to the state than to their own parents. Yet the thought of killing their parent's enemies would fill them with horror.

(In Iraqi schools, textbooks glorifying Saddam Hussein have been thrown out and replaced with books glorifying Bush's version of "democracy.")

If America is to return to even a semblance of the freedom we had 200 years ago, we simply must eliminate government from all school systems. From pre-school to universities. And demand an end to the taxation that supports it. We must literally take back our kids from the state's control.

Our own lives could depend on it.

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Don Hull is an advertising/marketing consultant in Costa Mesa, CA and has run for Congress twice on the Libertarian ticket.