Accountability Should Be Applied to Government and Religion

What if the governments and religions of the word were held accountable for what their officials say and claim? There's no telling where it would lead. Perhaps it would lead to less government and more progress, and less fear and superstition and more God-given reason.

For examples of the government deceiving people and causing much sorrow and misery throughout the world using their favorite vehicle of destruction--war--we can look at Woodrow Wilson and his election by the sheeple on his promise to keep America out of WWI. Of course, he did not keep that disingenuous promise, and over 58,000 Americans lost their lives. One excuse to enter the war was the German sinking of the Lusitania. The British and US governments claimed the Lusitania was simply a cruise liner full of civilians. They claimed the only cargo being carried was diamonds, precious stones, and bales of fur and cheese boxes. However, it appears the Lusitania was actually carrying war materiel for the British war effort against the Germans. This was in violation of American law and made her a fair target according to international law. Of course, the politician Wilson did not investigate the deadly situation--he just sent tens of thousands off to war. What would have happened if he had been called to accountability for this neglect of the truth and of his constituents?

Then came the infamous "Day of Infamy" which caused 2,403 Americans to die at Pearl Harbor and another 400,000 Americans to lose their lives in the war that that bit of deception made possible. This time the political sell-out was Franklin D. Roosevelt. He should have won an Oscar for his act of surprise and dismay! However, he did get a standing ovation from his fellow political war pigs in Congress. One of his speech writers, Samuel Rosenman, said, "The applause, the spirit of cooperation came equally from both sides of the chamber." (Infamy: Pearl Harbor and its Aftermath, by John Toland, p. 17) It was a great performance! Of course, Rosenman didn't mention in the speech that the Dutch Navy had warned the President in November of 1941 that a Japanese naval task force was making its way towards Pearl Harbor. ( Ibid., p. 344) This critical intelligence information could have prevented the Pearl Harbor attack and kept the US out of WWII.

These two acts of war against the truth and the common person were so successful, President Lyndon Johnson stuck to this tried and true technique for starting unnecessary wars. On August 5, 1964, he came up with the lie that North Vietnam attacked an American destroyer in the Gulf on Tonkin. This governmental lie brought about the unnecessary deaths of 58,000 Americans and millions of Vietnamese. Compare this act of Johnson's to real repeated attacks on a virtually unarmed US Navy ship in international waters which resulted in the deaths of 34 US sailors and Marines and the wounding of 171 others--NOTHING! When Israel repeatedly attacked the USS Liberty in June of 1967, the crew was able to get off a message that they were under attack and had taken casualties. A US Navy task force in the Mediterranean Sea scrambled jet fighters to aid the helpless Americans, but LBJ ordered that they abandon their comrades and return to their carrier!

When the current leader of the US, George W. Bush, wanted to win Jewish votes for his reelection bid, he ganglia-stormed and came up with the idea of taking out one of Israel's regional enemies, Iraq. But, like the proud politicians before him, he had to come up with a story to sell the sheeple, something they could really fight for. Americans wouldn't want to march off to war for the benefit of a Greater Israel. As a former Bush advisor said, that would not be a "popular sell," so George had to come up with a solid lie. WMD fit the bill! And over 1,500 dead Americans and over 100,000 dead Iraqis latter, it worked and still is working!

If politicians and the governments they control had to be accountable, this would not happen. The very sad part of it is how often they use the same exact technique. From 1917 until the present, the sheeple didn't have a clue. They just keep waving their little flags and wave to the cameras and regurgitate the line, "I'm glad I live in a free country." The political war pigs couldn't be prouder of their peasants.

Accountability should not only be applied to politicians and government, it should also apply to religions. There should be an organization similar to Consumers Union, which publishes Consumer Reports. Maybe I'll start one. I'll call it RRR for Revealing Revealed Religions. It could be on the order of Michael Moore. The next time the Bible thumper Billy Graham or Jerry Falwell is laid up in the hospital, I can go into their hospital room with a cameraman beside me and pull the plug on their ventilator! This will test the faith they say they have. And we can even develop a color code system similar to the government's terrorist threat level system. Normal skin color would indicate a lot of faith, pale blue would show the sin of doubt, and dark blue skin color with bulging eyes would demonstrate the lowest possible faith level.

The blatant lies that are found in the various "holy" books of the various "revealed" religions of Abraham (Genesis 12:11-20) should be common knowledge. If enough people were made aware of these false claims that go directly against our God-given reason, they would start to demand that the various religious leaders demonstrate what they are reading out of the Bible is actually true. For example, when the Bible says in Luke 10:19 that "nothing shall by any means hurt you," a potential recruit to Christianity could tell the preacher he's going to test that Bible promise by punching the preacher as hard as he can in the face. If that doesn't hurt the preacher, he'll join up! Also, Mark 16:17-18, which states that Christians will be able to drink any deadly thing and it shall not hurt them, needs to be put to the test. Perhaps the reverend Pat Robertson would chug some poison to prove the promise of the Bible. What a testimony that would be! He'd be leading people to the lord faster than politicians can kill innocent people!

In the Jewish holy book it states at Deuteronomy 7:14-15 that there will not be any barren Jews, or even barren cows that are owned by Jews! It also states that the Jews will not suffer any sickness! These promises by the Bible god need to be proven. If they can't be proven, they should not be published.

In the Quran we need to be just as careful as with the other "holy" books. The Quran states that the sun sets in muddy water. The Quran also states that the stars were made by Allah to use as missiles against the devils. This is contrary to all of our God-given reason. With the advance of science, we know that these two claims are total nonsense. That brings us to a blanket falsehood of Islam's holy book that states critics of the Quran can not find fault with it! If they state these things, they should be required by the potential convert to prove them. They need to be held accountable for their claims, just like everyone else.

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