The U.S. Government's Betrayal of Its Military

The government is a collection composed almost exclusively of self-serving political careerists and bureaucratic careerists. They live not for liberty and justice or for doing what is right, but for power and greed. To achieve their lowly and selfish goals they must please the powers that be. One way to learn who those powers are is to see who the politicians are most concerned with pleasing. One issue that politicians of both parties see eye to eye on is Israel. They can't do enough to promote the Jewish state at America's and the world's expense. When Bush broke with the balanced position that Israel should return to its pre-1967 borders, and when he said Palestinians who were pushed out of their homes by the Israelis do not have a right to return, he was pandering to the most powerful lobby group in America, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. When he said those things, he was fighting for his reelection. His opponent, John Kerry from the 'other' party (when it comes to Israel both parties are the same), 'echoed those assurances' according to Israel's envoy to the US at the time, Daniel Ayalon. As former US Senator William Fulbright wrote in his revealing book, The Price of Empire, 'So completely have many of our principal officeholders fallen under Israeli influence that they not only deny today the legitimacy of Palestinian national aspirations, but debate who more passionately opposes a Palestinian state.' He went on to write, 'Under the direction of B'nai B'rith and many other organizations, they have created the most effective political lobbying group in the United States . . . . The fundamental problem for us is that we have lost our freedom of action in the Middle East and are committed to policies that promote neither our own national interest nor the cause of peace. AIPAC and its allied organizations have effective working control of the electoral process. They can elect or defeat nearly any congressman or senator that they wish, with their money and coordinated organizations.' So much for democracy! Knowing the real workings of our 'democracy,' it makes the disgusting betrayal of America's military by the government more understandable, yet more despicable. That betrayal is the Israeli sneak attack on the USS Liberty that happened 38 years ago today, and the US Government cover-up that is still going on right now. One June 8, 1967, the USS Liberty was on patrol in international waters off the Sinai Peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea. The Liberty was a US Navy intelligence gathering ship. It was very lightly armed. The crew observed Israeli reconnaissance planes doing fly bys over the ship. The Israeli recon planes were observed periodically for many hours starting around 6:00 a.m. until the Israelis launched their unprovoked and deadly attack at 2:00 p.m. As Israeli Air Force fighter jets fired rockets, cannons and machine guns into the ship, Israeli torpedo boats were heading towards the Liberty to fire their torpedoes into her. The ship was badly damaged and American military men were being killed and terribly wounded. When the Captain gave the order to prepare to abandon ship, the life rafts that crew members tried to put into the water were riddled with .50 caliber machine gun bullets fired by the Israelis from their torpedo boats. The Israelis were jamming the radios on the Liberty to prevent them from calling for help. Eventually a call for help from the Liberty made it out over the airwaves and was picked up by two US aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean. They scrambled US jet fighters to destroy the Israeli jets. As soon as the brave Israelis heard this, they cut off their attack, but not before dropping napalm on the Liberty and her crew. They then sent an apology to the US government! They said it was all just a big mistake! Of course, our common sense dictates the Israeli attack was a well planned, murderous adventure. To believe them would be the same as believing the St. Valentine's Day massacre was an accident! To see what a real accidental military attack on a ship is, all we need to do is to look at the truly accidental Iraqi attack on the USS Stark. An Iraqi Air Force fighter pilot mistook the USS Stark, an American frigate, for an Iranian ship in the Persian Gulf in 1987. The Iraqi pilot fired two missiles into the Stark. That was it. There were no repeated strafing runs, no more missiles were fired into her, no napalm bombs were dropped on her, there was no coordinated air and sea assault with torpedo boats. It was a tragic accident. According to the outstanding book Assault on the Liberty, which was written by US Navy officer James M. Ennes, Jr., who was onboard the Liberty when Israel attacked her, the Johnson administration recalled the US planes that were launched to defend the Liberty. A letter to the Israeli government was sent by Secretary of State Dean Rusk demanding an explanation for the unprovoked attack. The Israelis responded by denying they knew the Liberty was a US ship. That makes sense, the Israelis were looking out for their own people. What the Johnson administration did does not make sense unless you look at it through the eyes of a political whore. Johnson ordered a cover-up of the attack that took the lives of 32 US sailors and 2 US Marines! According to Ennes, Johnson ordered the cover-up 'to protect Israel and to avoid causing a ruckus'! The survivors of the USS Liberty are filing with the Secretary of the Army on Friday June 10th a report that accuses Israel of war crimes due to their sneak attack on the Liberty. Even though this won't amount to much legally, it is a strike for the truth. The political scum filling Washington will never turn their backs on their benefactors in Israel and AIPAC. The machine is running smoothly and they're not about to upset it. A few of them will go through the motions, remembering the governmental/political rule of appearance being much more important than reality and substance. However, what little media coverage it receives should awaken at least a few more sheeple and hopefully turn them into real men and women who give a damn. The report itself is very educational and will serve to educate anyone who's thinking of joining the 'US' military to the kosher nature of things. They will see that offering American lives on the AIPAC/Israeli altar for the advancement of political careers did not start with Boy George and Iraq. And, if people don't do something soon, it won't stop there, either.

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