Bush Abuses the Military

The spoiled little rich kid, George W. Bush, took advantage of the US military when he started the war in Iraq. It goes beyond reason to believe that George and his buddies in government, 'public servants' as they like to call themselves, didn't know they were lying to the American people and the world when they told their tall tales to the public about mushroom clouds, stockpiles of the world's most deadly weapons, etc. Colin 'Blow' Powell must have been laughing inside when he gave his little song and dance at the UN holding up an alleged bottle of deadly anthrax while telling and alluding to the lie that Iraq possessed millions of such weapons.

Bush likes to pretend he loves the military, and never tires of calling them heroes. But his actions speak much louder than his empty words. If he really loved the military, he would only use them after all other options failed. Specifically, he would never put them in harm's way for self-gain. In the case of Iraq, the sanctions against Iraq were working. Saddam's influence stopped at the borders of the northern and southern no-fly zones within his own country. Sure, Bush is the world's village idiot, but even he must have realized that Saddam was not a threat to the US. But he had more important goals in mind than the safety of the US and the well-being of the members of the US military. His primary goal was reelection. In order to achieve that selfish goal, he didn't care how many Americans he sent to die or be wounded in Iraq, or how many innocent Iraqis would die or be terribly wounded.

George knew the very powerful lobby group American Israel Public Affairs Committee would promote him to their members if he could demonstrate to them his willingness to put Israel's interests above America's interests. This would not be easy, as both the Republican and Democratic political clubs are 100% in favor of the Jewish state. There is absolutely no bipartisan fighting when it comes to US foreign policy that involves Israel. Foreign aid handouts of BILLIONS of US tax dollars to Israel would not be enough. George had to think outside the box! But in the end, he didn't really come up with the idea of removing Israel's longtime enemy Iraq by himself. It was Wolfie, as George likes to call Paul Wolfowitz, the neocon string puller who first brought up the idea to him. But George did love the idea!

Now, over 1,300 dead Americans later, over 10,000 horribly wounded and over 100,000 dead Iraqis, the government has finally admitted they were wrong, there never were any weapons of mass destruction! If I were still a member of the USMC, I'd mutiny! How dare these political hacks like Bush waste the lives of thousands of Marines and soldiers! Bush, a cowardly brat whose wealthy and politically connected family got him out of combat duty during the Vietnam War, is now sending over 150,000 Americans into combat! This does not make sense!

Thank God we have a free press to pursue this issue! LOL! The Brad and Jennifer show seems to be much more important to our media than the government's war-creating lie of Iraq's WMD!

As is so often the case in life, it is up to the average individual to do something about it. Already, there are many US military members who are refusing to go to Iraq. Instead, they're going to Canada.

A brave, true hero, Sgt. Kevin Benderman, is not going to Canada, but he's being a strong American and individualist, and example to the rest of the military, by standing up to the politicians and refusing to go back to Iraq. A true comrade, someone who really cares about his or her fellow soldiers and Marines, will refuse to go along with the corrupt, hypocritical and morally wrong System.

The government and media are misleading people, especially young people, into believing they are making the world a better place by taking part in their war. This revelation about the lie of the WMD should be a wake-up call to all people around the world, and in particular to America's military, that the politicians don't care about them or any ideals they may have. The only thing that really matters to a political careerist is his or her ego and reelection. The members of the military need to ask themselves if that is enough to give their lives and limbs for. They need to ask themselves if they are really being loyal to their comrades-in-arms by just going along with the deadly, life-destroying lies of the politicians.

One of the biggest scams of the war pigs in their warmongering adventures is the illusion of 'democracy.' According to this myth, we're all equal. So, based on this principle, if combat wasn't good enough for George and Dick, why is it good enough for the average American?

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