George W. Bush and Treason


George W. Bush likes to surround himself with patriotic trappings. He's big on talking, to the best of his very limited ability, about God, country, and values. He enjoys playing dress-up as various icons of Americana, like a fighter pilot or a cowboy. But behind this empty facade of being an American patriot, I believe, is treason. Treason to America and her people.

Article III, Section 3 of the US Constitution classifies treason as giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the US. George has done, and is still doing, just that. His unnecessary war in Iraq aided our enemy al Qaeda beyond bin Laden's wildest hopes and dreams. The unbalanced and unnatural support the US lavishes on the religious state of Israel helps to guarantee grassroots support for al Qaeda from the billion plus Muslim population around the world.

When the US was attacked on 9/11, we were attacked by the Islamic militant group al Qaeda, not by Iraq. Iraq had absolutely NOTHING to do with it. Due to the 9/11 attack and the prior al Qaeda attack on the World Trade Center, as well as other operations by al Qaeda against the US, al Qaeda was our enemy.

In order to stay healthy and to grow, al Qaeda, like any organization, needs support from people. The Islamic people love their religion of Islam. They value it and will defend it. They will, and do, support organizations that they believe are fighting for the values of Islam. Millions of Muslims see al Qaeda as fighting for Islamic interests. It is in America's interests to do what it can to remove this support base of al Qaeda's. To do this, America needs to show the Islamic people that we respect them and their right to live life as they see fit. We need to demonstrate a live-and-let-live philosophy towards them.

When Bush decided to attack Iraq, he aided the sworn enemy of the US, al Qaeda. Prior to Bush's war, Iraq was largely a secular nation. The religious fanatics were kept to a minimal amount of influence by Saddam. However, when George and the neocons invaded Iraq, or I should say, sent others to invade Iraq, and toppled Saddam, the Islamic religious fanatics came out of the woodwork! They created a breeding ground and on-the-job training opportunities for millions of Islamic terrorists and al Qaeda! This, according to the US Constitution, is treason on George's and the neocons' behalf! The war in Iraq is definitely aiding al Qaeda!

Iraq is the second most holy place in the world for Muslims. The Islamic people, encouraged by bin Laden, see the US invasion of Iraq as a religious war against Islam. Being an intelligent jihadist, bin Laden takes great advantage of George's war and the opportunity Bush has given him. In an open letter to the Iraqi people, bin Laden said, "Be aware that this war is a new crusade against the Islamic world. It is a decisive war for the whole community. For those who do not know, its repercussions are dangerous and wicked for Islam and Muslims. Oh youth of Islam everywhere, especially in (Iraq's) neighbouring countries and Yemen, jihad is your duty and rightness is your path.'

Not only has George created a new Vietnam for America's youth and their families to suffer in, he has committed treason against the US by helping America's enemy, al Qaeda, grow and prosper.

Another key avenue of support for al Qaeda, and act of treason committed by Bush and the vast majority of politicians, is America's unbridled and unreasonable support for Israel. The heartless and brutal expansion of Israel into Islamic territory is driving millions of Muslims to see the US as an enemy. It gives reason for them to support al Qaeda. In a public letter to the American people, bin Laden plainly said our blind support of Israel is a definite reason for their DEFENSIVE jihad against us. In fact, he listed it as the number one reason for al Qaeda to attack us. The death and destruction we promote in Palestine, due to the fear of Bush and the politicians of Israel's lobby, AIPAC, and the apathy of the average American, is coming back to haunt us.

In committing treason, George is joined by virtually all members of the US Congress when it comes to placing Israel's interests before those of America and Americans. Congress can't do enough when it comes to arming the Jewish state in its war for a Greater Israel.

The former CIA expert on bin Laden, Michael Scheuer, believes the US/Israel relationship is that of the tail wagging the dog. It's not natural for a tiny nation of six million to make demands, and eventually get whatever it demands, on a nation of the size and power of the US. But that is exactly what happens. And this obedience to Israel on the part of George and the political hacks in Congress only strengthens our enemy, al Qaeda.

George W. Bush needs to be brought up on charges of the high crime of treason. Perhaps jury members can come from families who lost their sons and daughters due to George's treasonous war in Iraq. They can also come from idealistic and misguided soldiers and Marines who've lost their limbs or vision in the war started by liars, cowards, and traitors. And it should be done soon, before they start the next war in Iran or Syria.

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