The Evils of Democracy

Recent events in Lebanon have shown the folly of democracy. When the anti-Syrian forces held huge street demonstrations against the pro-Syrian Lebanese government, the pro-Syrian Prime Minister resigned. When the pro-Syrian crowds demonstrating in the streets a week later were much larger than the anti-Syrian crowds, the Prime Minister was reappointed. There's no reason or logic to it, just numbers.

This comical situation in Lebanon demonstrates what a scam and joke democracy really is. If this democratic process was followed throughout history, we'd still believe the earth is flat and at the center of the universe. And the American Revolution never would have gotten off the ground since only one third of the people were in favor of it.

The idea that is central to democracy is that all people are equal and are the same. That is not true. Anyone with common sense knows it is not true. The insane idea of one man, one vote is ludicrous. Why should the decision regarding the direction society is going to take be equally decided by someone who works hard, is altruistic, and is a good person, and someone who lives off of others, is abusing his family, and doesn't contribute anything to society? This does not make sense.

I like the Thoreau quote that was recently posted at Strike The Root: "The mass never comes up to the standard of its best member, but on the contrary degrades itself to a level with the lowest." This says it all! Individuals make progress possible, never the masses. An idea springs from the mind of an individual personality. It is then used to bring progress to the masses of people and to society. But without the individual, the progressive idea is never born, never materializes, and never benefits society.

In America, the government is seeing to it that the mass 'degrades itself to a level with the lowest.' Governmental programs like affirmative action, minority set-aside programs, etc. are making sure that mediocrity is the highest level society will attain. And they have ways to protect this madness. Anyone, particularly white Americans, who oppose this governmental insanity are usually branded as 'haters' by the media and government for wanting what is natural and progressive. It's the same technique used by the Christians in the Dark Ages. Anyone who went against the Church was branded a heretic.

In today's society, those who control the media control the democracy. Most people don't have the time or inclination to question what they read in the papers or what is fed to them through the television. If their thoughts go beyond beer and sports/bread and circuses, they are rare, indeed. As long as their comfort zone isn't disturbed, they don't care if their children and the children of other people are sent off to be maimed and die in unnecessary wars like Iraq, or if their democracy has been sending one government billions and billions of tax dollars worth of deadly weapons that are being used to take lives and land from neighboring people as is being done through the 'special relationship' between the US government and Israel. This lowest, unthinking level of society is the heart of a democracy. They supply the RPG fodder and the pretense that the government is good. Whenever they go through the motion of voting for one of the two kosher plutocrats the machine puts up, they're endorsing the fraud and the madness.

A good example of the power of the media is the Prince Harry scare. Prince Harry wore a Nazi uniform to a costume party and the world media went nuts! Politicians were pontificating across the globe about the six million Jews and Harry's callousness. If he had worn a uniform of the Red Army, would the media have reacted in the same way? I strongly believe they would not have. Because of the power and the focus of the media, the majority of people can recite the number of Jews the Nazis are said to have murdered--six million. How many people know that the number of Ukrainians the Communists murdered through starvation under Stalin in just one year was between seven and ten million? (This atrocity took place well before the governments of the US and UK embraced the USSR as an ally in WWII.) I don't recall seeing any TV mini-series about this inhumanity to man, woman, and child. People aren't shocked that the Italian reporter recently released by Islamic guerillas in Iraq, and wounded by US troops, is a Communist who writes for the Communist publication Il Manifesto, even though the Communists have murdered between 85 and 100 million people. Why the selective outrage? Because of the focus of the media.

America's founders knew how fickle public opinion is and how easy it is to mold and form it if you have the necessary media at your disposal. Perhaps that's the reason America's founders created a republic instead of a democracy--to protect the individual personality that has creative genius from the mob.

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