State and Religious Child Abuse

Most people assume government protects children. And, most people assume religion is also a source of protection for children. Most people are wrong on both counts, especially when it comes to the unholy union of government and religion.

In an effort to protect children from abuse, federal and state governments have statutes that prohibit abusing children. However, these same governments exempt religions from abusing children. The laws require parents and legal guardians to provide their children with medical care. The deadly exemption from this applies to religion. Any parent or guardian whose religious belief in faith-healing conflicts with the common sense requirement to provide medical care for their minor children is exempt.

There are many examples of children who die because of their parent's superstitions which are reinforced and condoned by the government exemptions. Children, who would live if given access to standard medical care, unnecessarily die. So many innocent and helpless children have died, the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a public statement addressing this type of child abuse and neglect.

Another form of abuse of children that the government overlooks is mutilation of the genitalia of infant boys done to satisfy religious superstition. There are no medical benefits from this barbaric practice. The overriding 'reason' for it is Jewish superstition, which is no real reason at all. This attack on nature has also overflowed from Jews to Christians in the US. Fortunately, Christians in Europe don't partake in this twisted practice.

According to Genesis 17:10-11, God told Abraham that as a token of God's covenant with the Hebrews, all Jewish infant males at the tender age of eight days should have their foreskin trimmed!

As if this unnatural mutilation of infants isn't bad enough, it's now public knowledge that the Jewish perverts who do the actual cutting also actually literally suck the blood from the infant's penis and tissue with their mouths! This has been done for thousands of years by the Jews. It is so common it has a name in Hebrew, Metzitzah be'Peh. Anyone who uses common sense knows that this is not only unnaturally disgusting, but that it is dangerous for the baby. If the rabbi who's sucking the infant's penis has any STD, there's a good chance the innocent baby will be infected. In fact, this has already happened, and the victim died from contracting herpes from the sucking rabbi. Now this 'progressive' religion has decided the rabbis sucking the babies' blood should/could use a tube to avoid further deaths and infections!

The rabbis and mohels who perform circumcisions seem to have a fixation on sucking babies' blood. With their 'progress ' to permitting rabbis and mohels who desire to use a sterile tube while sucking the baby's circumcision blood, if they so chose, is affixed the practice of sucking orally on the tube. The Rabbinical Council of America seems to believe there is a requirement of

Jewish law that demands the sucking of the blood from the victim's penis and surrounding tissue be done orally. In a public statement on this insane topic, they wrote, 'A well-trained mohel, adhering to the scientific principles of sterile technique and antisepsis, essentially reduces the infectious risk of circumcision to the point where it is close to zero. Performing oral suction via a sterile tube does not pose any increased risk.

'For those authorities who follow the view that suction via a sterile tube is completely permitted as a matter of Jewish law, this is clearly the optimal method to fulfill the requirement of Metzitzah be'Peh. In this manner, one absolutely fulfills the precept whilst placing the infant and mohel at no additional risk.'

How can the politicians and their government turn a blind eye on such disgusting practices and actions? I believe it has a lot to do with the wealth and power of organized religion, that is of such importance to the career politicians. Right and wrong doesn't even enter the picture. Any reasonable person would expect society to keep innocent children safe from such unreasonable and damaging practices. Yet, the government seems to think differently.

The hypocrisy of the government is brought out by its selectiveness in banning some religious atrocities, while giving approval to the ones mentioned above. For example, the government outlaws female circumcision, which is practiced by Moslems, but not practiced by Jews and Christians.

The abhorrent writings found in the Bible make me think of the following taken from Thomas Paine's outstanding book, The Age of Reason: 'Is it because ye are sunk in the cruelty of superstition, or feel no interest in the honor of your Creator, that ye listen to the horrid tales of the Bible, or hear them with callous indifference? . . .

'It is incumbent of every man who reverences the character of the Creator, and who wishes to lessen the catalogue of artificial miseries, and remove the cause that has sown persecutions thick among mankind, to expel all ideas of revealed religion, as a dangerous heresy and an impious fraud.'

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