The Way Tyranny Works

No one wants to be an outsider. When I was still a small child, I spoke mostly German because both my parents immigrated to America from that hapless post World War I/pre-World War II national morass. As a little kid knowing little English, I was shy, weak, and Protestant in a Catholic neighborhood in a nation at war with Germany . I frequently found myself on the outside looking in ' and that was when the neighborhood kids weren't taking turns beating me up!

Hitler offered that it was the German Jewish bankers who plotted and launched World War I, and then offered they did so to economically rape Germany . Everyone in Germany suffered under the oppressive and horrible sanctions imposed by the Versailles Treaty against that once prideful and fun-loving people. The nation was untouched by the fighting, but suffered a devastating inflation from the horrific burden of unjust war reparations collected through the bankers. And when Hitler demonstrated that it was that treaty, orchestrated and arranged by the Rothschild-Warburg-based German Jewish bankers, Hitler generated both the public outrage and momentum he needed to rise to power and 'lead.' And never mind that these same bankers, through the Bush family's lucrative connections to Brown Brothers Harriman, financed Hitler's horrors as well.

His dehumanization of selected peoples did indeed start with the Jews, but as we all know, didn't stop there. Generalizations are most useful tools to politicians, especially when used to hoodwink ordinarily moral and spiritual people. Peaceful, fun-loving people are whipped into a bloodthirsty frenzy and a genocidal fever that results in mass murder, destruction and poverty. This mayhem, almost always unjustified, is sanitized and Hannitized by the term 'war.' The results are an 'us-versus-them' mentality demonstrated by all such warmongering societies, which feed upon the false generalizations conjured up by the absolutely worst and most rotten dregs in a society.

Every tyrant known to Mankind has invaded other previously peaceful nations under the absurd pretext of 'self defense.' That the invaded nation has never committed an act of violence against the invading nation, its government, or its people, is of absolutely no consequence to the bloodthirsty heads of state seeking to expand their power and immoral authority over a people at peace. Such invasion is always offered under the pretext of 'preemptive action.'

All invading tyrants are totally immoral, criminal and sociopathic. They are all liars, as lying is a professional requisite in politics. Politics conveys and legitimizes the power to steal, kill, transfer rightfully-owned wealth and property wrongfully to others, and to kidnap and incarcerate those who oppose the 'legitimate authority' of the corrupt politicians. All politicians are corrupt! It's just that some of the corrupt are not as desirous of killing people as others; but that's the only minor difference attributable to them all. And there are very few of those! And this generally insignificant positive trait varies inversely from politician to politician relative to the level of power they've acquired!

It was Hayek who offered that the political philosophy identified as 'socialism' brings to the leadership level the worst of politicians. And as Hitler's form of fascist socialism, Nazism, and Stalin's form of socialism, Communism, and our fascist socialism, 'Democracy,' we too are now experiencing that wondrous camaraderie of a people wronged seeking solace from our joint suffering. We harmoniously demonstrate total loyalty and patriotism to our devoted, dedicated and protective dictatorship.

Individual freedoms and rights are to be permanently suspended for the greater protection of all! Otherwise, we can be retaliated against by those in whose nations we have murdered the innocent as well as those armed in self-defense. We can be targeted by the relatives and offspring of those we have killed, butchered and mutilated. We can be attacked via a poisoning of our water systems, or our air, or our food supplies in precisely the same manner as we have done to those we've ruthlessly and unnecessarily attacked. And we can decry the nuclear armaments of others we fear, a fear we created worldwide by our distinction as being the only tyrannical, socialist, dictatorship that has ever deliberately attacked and wiped out entire civilian populations using such same weapons of mass human destruction.

And anyone who thinks we are in any way, shape or form, wrong in having carried out those totally unnecessary mass murders of entire civilian populations at Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden and Fallujah, well then, such dissenters are disgustingly unpatriotic and should be deported! Not only must we rally around our flag and be loyal to our nation, the latter identified as the current regime of politicians in power, but we must 'support our troops!'

No problem with that ' what choice do we have? Our troops are the real people of our nation, the brave and misled sons and daughters of yet more real people, who have merely extended their desire to live and let live into not speaking out against our despotic, ruthless and cruel totalitarian regime. They are not the sons and daughters of our ruthless, corrupt politicians, who lied and continue to lie to us. But by remaining silently patriotic, we are also supporting a drug and alcohol stunted brain-fried cretin and his secret cabal's warmongering loyalty to a foreign nation that wishes to embroil US in yet another war.

No longer is a real pretense to go to war necessary! And neither is a manufactured one, either! Here's history's list of manufactured pretexts: Fort Sumter ; the U.S.S. Maine; the H.M.S Lusitania; Pearl Harbor ; the manufactured invasion of South Korea ; the 'invasion' of Kuwait sanctioned at first by Bush I; and most recently, 9-11. As regards the last, just consider the past. Would the state kill its own people if it thought the event justified? Evidence points to the usual 'homeland' intelligence operation involving our own CIA/FBI contracting 'the hit' to the intelligence arm of another 'friendly' nation. That's the way a 'hit' on one's own soil by native intelligence is usually arranged. Think of the two ethnic groups that were secretly and quickly spirited out of the country immediately subsequent to 9-11 by our own dutiful FBI. To the state, civilians and members of our military are always expendable, whether needed to start a war or to fight one!

The outrage and anger generated by the deadly 9-11 hoax manipulating and re-directing public anger at Iraq , will now be utilized to attack two more nations that have done no harm to either our government or people. Our totalitarian dictatorship and its religion of world domination through unjust imperial wars will now be conducted openly and without any pretext. The shock and awe of the truth necessary to educate the dumbed-down American populace into action needed to impeach and remove America's worst tyrant ever, just isn't there.

Americans would never think that badly of our government in order to confront it and remove it as both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution provide. And we will again wrongfully attack, kill and maim the people of two more nations in 'self-defense,' just like Hitler! And we'll do it not only by being repeatedly lied to by our own government as always, but we will invade with that very same 'friendly ally' that has continually spied on US. We'll do it with Israel , a nation that attacked, killed and maimed US military personnel, re-sold secrets we gave them gratis for cash profits to a nation now purportedly our greatest future enemy, and with an ally that obtained its nuclear armaments and capability by stealing them from US.

But pointing this out makes you a Jew-hater! Pointing out that our politicians are warmongers and criminals, and seen as such by the whole world, including members of our own press and individuals at high levels within our own government, brands you as a traitor. It demonstrates that you do not support our troops! You are disloyal to those risking their lives for you.

But is that what they are really doing? Or are they merely dutifully serving the people of our nation by risking their lives and limbs for the worst form of life in God's universe; namely, the worst of totalitarian socialist society that has risen to the pinnacle of political leadership? Aren't they dutifully and professionally just following orders, especially those orders involving the mass carpet bombing of innocent civilian targets, torturing citizens, and machine-gun murdering whole families? This is guts and glory?

I'm sorry, but I've asked you to think. Please forgive my crassness in being disloyal to my 'country,' the handful of criminals, traitors and mass murderers who rule the ground beneath US. I can see how this rant can not only be misconstrued as being unpatriotic and unwarranted, but also very disconcerting and distracting as well. Please, do not allow me to take up any more of your time.

Go on with what you were doing ' wave those cute little flags and paste those ribbons on the butt of your SUV. Just don't spend too much money buying those commercially available badges of loyalty and patriotism. Goin' out tonight ' French or, I'm sorry, Freedom or Italian? You should conserve your quickly devaluating dollars so you can save up for a gallon of gas, or maybe even a gallon of heating oil, or perhaps a bag of potatoes. Remember, democracy always comes at a price. And freedom ain't free!

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