How Democracy Will Destroy Israel


Democracy. It is the battle cry of the Bush Administration, which is otherwise plum out of excuses for its rape, looting and pillaging of Arab nations.

We are told that once democracy takes hold in Iraq , it will have a domino effect throughout the Middle East . (Beware of the term 'domino effect.' It has proven a grossly inaccurate predictor in past interventions.)

The Administration has announced its intention to bring democracy to the rest of the region. If the people show no desire for it, this will be done by brute force. It is like shoving half a sandwich down someone's gagging throat, while proclaiming that you only want them to experience the joy of good nutrition. Apparently, there are no current Administration plans for democracy in Africa , South America or Asia .

The Administration loves to tout Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East . Ironically, true democracy in the region would most likely be the death knell of Israel . This is something that neocons and Christian Ayatollahs have not considered as they fan the flames of war.

Every Arab citizen desires democracy. However, they want a democracy where they choose their leaders and laws, not a government imposed by the armies of western nations and their expatriate stooges. When true democracy takes root in the Arab world, the result will shock and awe those seeking to let the genie out of the bottle.

First, the leaders who are controlled by the United States or other foreign nations will be swept away. These leaders have held their citizens at bay for years by posturing that they are tough on Israel and have influence with the United States . Every Arab knows that both claims are false. The average Arab does not oppose his leader because the leader prevents open relations with Israel ' he opposes his government for placating Israel and the United States while denying basic freedoms at home.

Second, free market reform will accompany democratic reform. This will be a very potent version. The bazaar or souk is virgin free enterprise. Arab free enterprise ' where no consumer worth his salt pays the asking price and negotiating is an art--leaves American free enterprise looking like free enterprise light. The economic potential among the Arab nations is immense and would be exponential if these nations adopted an approach like the European Union.

Third, the combination of political freedom and free market reform will produce circumstances which will prevent the 'brain drain' currently hurting the Arab nations and encourage the return of their best and brightest who went elsewhere in search of these conditions. Most emigrating Arabs did not leave because they disliked their culture, traditions or landscapes. They left to maximize their talents and capital.

Fourth, Arab nations strengthened by the adoption of a free political system, free press and open economy will have no compelling reason to establish economic or political relations with Israel . Simply put, Israel will become irrelevant. Israel will offer nothing that these nations will not already have more of. Israel 's ad campaign''The Only Democracy in the Middle East '--will likewise become obsolete. Nations which based their foreign policies on this worn out cliche will find reason to readjust. Less concerned with military confrontation, these Arab nations will nevertheless find themselves better suited to defend their lands. Arab citizens -- traditionally willing to confront aggressors -- will fight harder for a nation in which they have a stake in political freedom and economic prosperity. These nations are also more likely to have state-of-the-art militaries rather than decrepit Soviet hand-me-downs. Since they will be more economically viable, they will be more valued as trading partners. In turn, their trading partners will have a vested interest in their protection.

Fifth, Israelis themselves will find less reason to tough it out in a nation where the economy is in shambles and there are limited opportunities for its citizens. Many Israelis have already immigrated to western nations to improve upon their quality of life. They did their time for the cause and have moved on quietly with their lives elsewhere. Fresh water will also become an issue for Israelis in the next two decades. Unless they try to take it by force from neighboring Arab states, purchase it from Arab states or develop cost effective desalinization, Israel will simply run out. The Arab nations have more fresh water sources and the likelihood of developing sharing arrangements amongst themselves, unlike Israel .

Sixth, Israelis may actually leave Israel to take up residence in the Arab states if they can be assured of safety and opportunity. In a return to pre-Zionist conditions, Jews may re-form the communities that existed in countries like Syria and Iraq for centuries. Prior to the formation of Israel , Jews living as minorities in Arab nations thrived and prospered. Some of the most successful professionals and businessmen were Jewish. Jews maintained their language, temples and culture. The coalition in Iraq began raising the topic of the return of Iraqi Jewish expatriates as early as the spring of 2003. Simply put, Israelis in search of better opportunities may find them right next door. There is no reason to believe that Arab democracies would block such a move, either. There would be no threat politically or culturally, since Jews would remain a distinct minority. Also, the Arab nations may welcome Israelis whose skills or knowledge could help with their own development. Such an individual is likely to be treated with the customary Arab hospitality, rather than shunned, in a society which values his or her contribution.

Such a move would also accelerate the shifting demographic of a growing Arab minority inside Israel . Already faced with the reality of being outnumbered by its Arab population in the coming years due to disparities in birth rates and the emigration of Israeli Jews, Israel would face this inevitable fact sooner than later. Short of forced expulsion or the outright stripping away of political rights, Israel will be ruled by Arabs.

The neocons have embarked upon a brutal and widespread plan to use force to change the realities of the Middle East . Their secret goal is Israeli hegemony. Their stated goal is the spread of democracy. Be careful what you wish for.

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