I Love DC

The career of a politician mainly consists in making one part of the nation do what it does not want to do, in order to please and satisfy the other part of the nation. It is the prolonged sacrifice of the rights of some persons at the bidding and for the satisfaction of other persons. The ruling idea of the politician - stated rather bluntly - is that those who are opposed to him exist for the purpose of being made to serve his ends, if he can get power enough in his hands to force these ends upon them. ~ Auberon Herbert

No other place on earth has as much appeal for aspiring autocrats than the bastion of indulgence that sprang up out of a swamp. The Potomac cuts through the monuments as it flows to the sea--taking with it all the discharge and waste that inexorably comes from spent excess. Where else can you find a place where nothing of value is created, no useful product is produced, completely void of any industrious endeavor? Absent in the practice of wealth creation has not hindered the establishment of temples. The cornerstones of an empire are fueled by the tribute extracted from the soil of the land. The superhighway of sustenance runs in only one direction. The life blood of survival comes in, that allows the organism of privilege to sustain its preeminent dominance. A one way street that is divided into quadrants, named with letters and circumvented by broad boulevards. How can it get any better than this? You just got to LOVE DC.

The homogeneous character of the community may reside in different log cabins, but all share the same infrastructure. When it comes to who is sleeping in which bed, the orgasms always pass through the Mayflower madams' residence. The oral discourse that shapes policy berates opposing positions, but always performs the same acts. The chores undertaken to achieve delight, always require that the folks back home be on the receiving end of this screwing machine. Churches and Cathedrals decorate the landscape, while sinners apply their trade on every corner. In the Temples of State worship, the only absolution is reserved for the 'true believers.' As for the rest of the sheep, their Shepard is dissed, for the Party always comes first. The gore in Sodom need not hide behind Saddam, because the store around Gomorrah always procures a new devil and charges a hefty price to exorcise the evil and save the People. Don't you just LOVE DC?

Images are now fact and perception is the new reality. The photo ops of George Herbert Walker Bush and William Jefferson Clinton preaching the gospel according to the ArkTex Book from HOPE is a ritual inspired by the Beltway religion. Baal is out, the Talmud is in ' all the while invoking Yeshua, while taking His name in vain. The tsunami that drowns the region erupts from the capital earthquake. A global winter is the major export that the free world trade policy sells abroad. The two sides of the same coin cast in a mint run by the same cartel won't bring relief to the victims of this tempest. With legal tender laws, the typhoon of inquisition will save all from the offense of self-sufficient provisions. In the realm of the compassionate feel your pain monopoly, only rations stamped with the official seal of approval, are allowed for rescue missions. Altruism = LOVE DC.

The most sacred of all doctrines is that the omniscient elite culture is indispensable. It claims to be legitimate because choice 'A' appears different from 'B' while both use the same language to spell the synonymous program that directs conduct and shapes permitted behavior. Opposition to the order of top down benevolence means you must be a spurned lover and your punishment requires additional sensitivity training. The magnet that attracts parasites to tutor in the art of Casanova adventurism is seeded more in the lust for sway than the spontaneity to spoon. Only in the hub of incest does a criminal congress pretend to be capable of unrequited love, while insisting on total devotion. Elevating the caustic as essential is a seduction that only a prolific adulterer is capable of performing. A Manipuri political dance blends the religious festival with the indispensable socio-cultural order. In 'God We Trust' is substituted with only the State do we obey! LOVE DC is the national hymn.

Fantasy is the perfume for a sullied reality. Disguising the fragrance won't remove the rot. The need for cleansing can't be attained through a douche. The therapeutic remedy must remove all the decay from the cavity in order to regain health. The hollow space that infects our lives is a disease. It is not hallowed, but terminable. Yet, career politicians have a knack for deceit that has no limits, while the populace is disposed to deceive themselves that the system is tolerable. Is this a love hate relationship or simply gang rape that goes unreported? Do you really LOVE DC?

Most people will answer I DO! That's the beauty of the affair. Divorce is not an option for the insecure. The forlorn want a suitor and the federal bureaucracy is a comfortable roommate. It doesn't matter that the rent is paid wholly by the "chattel citizen," while the possessions are controlled by the civil service hack. There is no partnership in this relationship. Like the roads into Washington DC, all tolls are paid by the motorists that beg to keep a drivers license. So what is love? "Love means never having to say you're sorry" ' if you are a DC addict . . .

Warning: LOVE DC can be hazardous to more than just risking AIDS, from an infected liaison. A love affair with the State is a guaranteed sentence for compliant suicide.


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