Drug Warriors Reap What They Sow

Who is worse, a murderous criminal in civilian clothes, or a murderous criminal wearing a government uniform? To my mind the answer is clear: The government employee is a far greater threat to society, because he has official sanction. And who are you going to call when uniform-wearing goons come aggressing against you?

I read today of the killing of four Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Accompanying the article are the inevitable platitudes, such as "This terrible event is a reminder of the sacrifice and bravery of the men and women who serve in our national police force, and of the dangerous circumstances which they often confront, in order to make Canada a safer place."

What unmitigated bullshit!

Now, don't get me wrong: I'm sorry those four men are dead. I don't wish premature death on anyone, not even evil men like George W. Bush and his band of liar-killers. I'm sure that all four Canadians left behind grieving families. They may have been nice people themselves, when they weren't engaged in official duties. They may have been brave.

But the fact is, these RCMP had gone where they didn't belong. They weren't chasing after rapists, murderers, thieves, con-men, or anybody guilty of a crime. Rather, they were attempting to bust alleged pot growers. Oh yes, I know, growing pot is "against the law" in Canada, as it is in the United States. But this law is absolutely illegitimate. It is no business of anyone, including government employees, what substances other adults trade amongst themselves and ultimately consume. Free men and women don't ask for permission in such matters, and any person who presumes to interfere violently is in the end asking to be shot or otherwise stopped by force.

The hysteria surrounding illegal drugs is almost beyond belief. One cannot help but wonder what drugs those who support such laws must be taking. The hunt for witches in colonial New England had nothing on the hunt for drug users and traders in 21st century America. And not just here: The entire world has joined in the madness. Many pat themselves on the back for their wonderful "compassion" if they think that maybe, just maybe, it might be all right to allow someone who is terminally ill to consume marijuana, under strict controls of course. What hubris!

Am I saying that everybody should take drugs? No. I'm saying that everyone is responsible for his own decisions in matters that are personal and private. Drugs are neither good nor bad. They are inanimate substances which, like anything else, can be used in ways beneficial or harmful.

Am I saying that everybody should shoot cops? Not at all. Killing another is rightfully a crime except under the most dire of circumstances. I AM saying that if a gang of criminal thugs is breaking down your door and you sense that your life is in imminent danger, force is justified in response.

It is easier to see such matters in clear perspective when thinking of other countries at other times. When Stalin sent his minions in the dead of night to spirit away dissidents, would today's "moralists" lecture those who were about to be taken that it was their duty to respect the rule of law, and to submit without resistance? When Hitler (who, let us not forget, was democratically elected to do whatever it took to make Germany strong again) sent his storm troopers to round up Jews, Gypsies, and the "mentally defective," were the people targeted duty-bound to go off and be gassed with nothing more than a feeble protest in reply? Nonsense!! A crime is a crime, no matter what the perpetrator's uniform or lack thereof, and resisting crime is both a right and a moral duty.

Therefore, to officers in Canada, the United States, or anywhere else, I say that if you take part in the enforcement of illegitimate laws that brutalize peaceful citizens, you deserve no protection whatever from those who are defending their rightful property against theft and their persons against bodily harm.

The drug war is an abomination; it is the antithesis of civilization. It has left in its wake millions of lives ruined by incarceration, injury, and death. It has exploited all that is worst in human nature for its support. Shame on all who participate in it!

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