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George 'Bring 'Em On' Bush has issued an interesting challenge to Iraqis to 'Defy'terrorists.' Little in the vacuous mind of Bush does he realize that just as Iraqi freedom fighters rose to his taunt of bring them on, so too Iraqis are defying terrorists ' the ones George Bush and his US Empire of terrorism have brought to Iraq. In a twist of fate, 37 of Bush's terrorists were killed in the most deadly day for the US military in Iraq , while Bush was urging Iraqis to resist terrorists. One can only hope that the waste of these 37 lives for obeying the orders of the Terrorist-in-Chief and his foul minions will convince more soldiers, like Kevin Benderman, to quit supporting inhumane acts of terrorism on their fellow man.

Terrorism is defined as: 'the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.' Terrorism is often wrongly associated as violent acts pursued by non-state individuals and organizations. The state has always been the largest user of terrorism, and more people have died, been tortured and abused, and wrongly incarcerated by state terrorism than any other means. Politicians use false appeals to patriotism to get unquestioning support for their policies of terrorism.

With the flattening of Fallujah, The US state and its military killing machine has moved to new heights of barbarity. From its targeting of hospitals and medical facilities, mosques, civilians, cutting off vital infrastructure services (water and electrical), using overwhelming and indiscriminate firepower in residential areas, and complete and utter disregard for all laws and convention of warfare, the US Empire can now rest assured of its place in history as one of the most bloodthirsty and savage in all history. Just as Ghengis Khan and his Mongols hordes utterly destroyed all who dared defy them, so too will be the legacy of Bush and his US military machine of terror.

The US state actually promotes non-state terror. The US government, along with its media propagandists, uses the threat of terrorism to frighten citizens to accept the state's war of terror, while never revealing that US foreign meddling and support of state terrorism is the real cause of international hatred towards America . Terrorists, real or imagined, are one of the US state's chief allies.

While terrorists are secretly welcomed and financed by the US , there are people who the state is afraid of, who politicians and the media portray as traitors and a threat to the nation. These are people who reject the state's wars of aggression, who repudiate the state's right to murder and steal. People like Sergeant Kevin Benderman and Sergeant Camilo Mejia are the ones who terrify Bush and his cult of terrorism and death. Citizens who don't blindly follow their leaders' dictates, and question the wisdom of slaughtering innocent civilians to satisfy their leaders' lust for power, are the state's greatest enemy. Bush, and his gang of thugs, knows that without the unquestioning obedience of most of the populace, their plans will turn to dust, and the very foundation of the edifice of the criminal state could crumble.

People need to realize how grim the delusional plans of Bush, with his vision of spreading freedom by aggression, are and the possible consequences of following this mad campaign. Just as Hitler and the Nazis were not satisfied by their initial acts of aggression, but used it as an excuse for further acts of aggression that plunged humankind into a world war, so too Bush and the neo-CONs are poised to repeat Hitler's blunder. Bush and the neo-CONs, like Hitler and the Nazis, seem to believe that they have a divine destiny and are infallible; that they can ignore reality and have some god-like power to create reality to suit their whims. Many have wondered how Germans allowed Hitler and the Nazis to grab the reigns of state power and pursue their megalomaniacal dreams. One needs only look at how Bush and the neo-CONs have employed the same tactics of fear, terrorism, propaganda, and false patriotism to realize how easy it is for unscrupulous leaders to stampede the mass populace into following their leaders into an abyss of destruction.

What most Americans are unaware of is that other countries, like Russia , China , and the European Union member nations, have strategic interests in the Middle East . Russia and China, along with some members of the European Union, have trade agreements with Iran , which seems to be the next target of US aggression. While most other nations passively questioned the wisdom of the US invading Iraq , and were unsure whether their strategic interests would be helped or hindered by the invasion, the debacle of the US occupation of Iraq has surely clarified their position on this. Most nations will definitely be against more US meddling in the Middle East after seeing how adversely it affected their vital interests and caused instability to critical oil supplies.

At the very least, more US military interference in the Middle East will cause more senseless carnage, both in American and foreign lives. And there is no guarantee that US interfering in a region where other nations' strategic national interests won't conflate into a world war, something many neo-CONs seem to want. A natural alliance would be Russia-China-Iran versus US-UK-Israel, with other nations getting swept up as the tides of war overtake them.

While Hitler and the Nazis assembled a fearsome military machine of terror and destruction, it pales in comparison with the potential damage that Bush and the neo-CONs can unleash on the world. Bush and the neo-CONs have already tried conventional armed force to subdue Iraq , and it has been a catastrophic failure. It is hard to imagine how the US Army, which is pinned down in Iraq fighting a guerrilla war, could be mobilized to invade another country in the Middle East . Bush and the neo-CONs have always pushed the use of tactical nuclear weapons, and could be counting on this for future confrontations.

Besides the unnecessary, wanton destruction of innocent life a US nuclear attack would generate, it could also lead to nuclear retaliation against the US . Even a limited nuclear response that destroyed DC, NYC, LA, and Chicago would be cataclysmic to America and Americans. And once nuclear weapons are unleashed, there is no guarantee that total global thermonuclear war wouldn't follow, resulting in the possible destruction of all life on this planet.

While no sane person would contemplate using nuclear weapons, we are dealing with persons whose grasp of reality is tenuous as best. Bush and his gang are Jacobin madmen who do not let reality stand in their way. These megalomaniacs are more than willing to sacrifice everything others hold dear to advance their insane ideas and reign of terror.

Freedom lovers need to be very clear on this issue and vehemently oppose all wars of aggression and state terrorism. A true lover of liberty will not in any way endorse or support Bush and the neo-CONs' wars of terror. A true libertarian does not support the slaughter of innocent people, nor rationalize that the state has this right. Unfortunately, there are many who believe they can claim to support state terrorism and still claim to stand for freedom. These people do not truly grasp the concept of liberty, but at most like some libertarian values, like low or no taxes. Whether they know it or not, they are friends of the state, enemies of freedom.

Hopefully Americans will realize the US government and its reign of terror is the greatest threat to them. Americans need to resist the terrorism of Bush and his henchmen. Americans need to realize that foreign terrorists are not as great a threat to them as their own leaders are. Americans need to understand that murdering innocent people in foreign countries will not make them safer, but generate more hate and possibilities for retaliation. The only way to reduce terrorism, and hopefully eliminate it, is to quit meddling in other nations' affairs, and allow people of all nations to interact and trade in a free market.

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