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Gold Set to Become Even Scarcer

'All of the gold majors are finding it difficult to replace their reserves. New mine production will be flat-to-declining. There hasn't been a big gold discovery for years. Twenty years ago the majority of gold was produced by four old world countries: South Africa , Australia , Canada and the US . In the future it will be anything but. Tomorrow's ounces of gold are going to be in interesting countries.' Peak gold?

The Absence of History by Bill Bonner

'Just as it is almost impossible to defeat a member of Congress, so is it almost impossible to reform a system in which so many people have an active interest. That is what the French are discovering. They've made life cushy for the controlling classes, and paid off the lower classes with bribes. Young, aggressive, entrepreneurial French people often leave the country; there are more than 100,000 of them in London alone. What is left ' people who don't want to change the system; they want to be a part of it. A poll reported yesterday, shows that three out of four young French people want to work for the government.'

East Asia Must Prepare for Possible Dollar Collapse

'With the U.S. trade deficit at a record high and global interest rates rising, East Asian economies need to be prepared for a possible 'collapse' of the dollar, the Asian Development Bank warned on Tuesday.'

Why Pirates Need to be Invisible

State agents always view visible free spirits as threats.

U.S. Facing Naked Truth on Pensions

Retirement? What Retirement?

Fed Kills a Key Inflation Gauge

Bye-bye M3, a hint of the truth.

Iran Denies Swiss Paper's Claim in Withdrawal of Gold Assets

Why The Gold Rally Will Continue by Paul van Eeden

Central Bank Sales Slowing by Julian D.W. Philips

Gold Understands the Fed's Profligacy by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.

Central Banks, Weimar Germany and Gold by Richard J. Greene

Poll: Most Open to Letting Immigrants Stay

The current split is nearly even, but traditional conservatives have most of the guns. When the next civil war starts over this issue, which side will win? Will state National Guard troops fire on their neighbors? Will they even show up? Or will they turn on their federal masters when active duty troops are sent in to quell the 'riots' and the 'internal disturbances' supposedly started by 'vigilantes with guns'?

Flag Waving Banned at Colorado School

Rising nationalism is breaking out all over.

Girl Sues School Over Confederate Clothes

Heaven forbid that any State agents allow a student to display the symbol of a proud group of people who had the balls to stand up to the tyranny of Lincoln .

Quote for the Week (from the film 'Down Periscope')

ADM Winslow: What do you think, Mr. Dodge?

CDR Dodge: I think I'm gonna get my ass kicked, sir.

ADM Winslow: Aw, don't think like that! Damn it to hell, don't go by the book! Think like a Pirate!

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