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According to Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures book, the four main causes of disease (and disorders) are:

A. Too many toxins in the body

B. Nutritional deficiencies

C. Exposure to electromagnetic chaos

D. Mental and emotional stress

With that in mind, I'll describe my organic lifestyle in high detail:

1. I do not eat or drink anything but water within four hours of bedtime. (This was the first change I made.) Your body cannot digest and process food as efficiently while sleeping, and tends to store it as fat. One small exception to this rule, however, is I always consume two teaspoons of organic raw apple cider vinegar (straight from the bottle) just before bed, and wash it down with a small amount of water. Since I usually get hungry just before bedtime, the organic vinegar eliminates my cravings for about an hour -- long enough to get to sleep. Organic vinegar also cleanses your liver and digestive system, and has a healing effect on the body. It works excellent for stomach aches, too.

2. I drink, on average, 1 1/2 gallons of bottled water each day from my water cooler, and usually run through two 5-gallon jugs per week (this was my second change). Water is the most important nutrient for your body. It assists in all bodily functions, and enables your system to dilute and flush out toxins that enter you every day, along with the plethora of toxins that have built up in your body throughout the years. And you should never drink tap water, since that contains chlorine and other harmful chemicals that can scar the walls of your arteries.

3. I almost always consume organic foods and drinks, and only shop for groceries at my local health food store. (In Oklahoma City where I'm from, my retailer of choice is Akin's Natural Foods.) In most cases, I eat the organic versions of the food I previously ate! Not only is organic food the most delicious grub you've ever tasted, but amazingly, it also fulfills your hunger very quickly after consuming just small portions!

So what is organic food, anyway? Organic food has been produced naturally without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, irradiation, antibiotics, or growth hormone, thus allowing the food's nutrients to occur in their natural ratios that your body likes. Organic food does not contain any chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners, white granulated refined sugars, hydrogenated oils (i.e., trans fats), or chemical table salt. Finally, organic food does not contain drugs such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), which are all designed to increase your appetite, make you hungry, get you physically addicted to the food, and make you fat.

Since organic food is not toxic, it does not clog your liver or scar your artery walls. Therefore, your metabolism will remain elevated and you won't feel tired or depressed.

4. I rarely eat regular food, or food that's produced by a major food company. Regular food has been raised and processed as cheaply as possible. In most industries, this would be an admirable practice, but not with food! The cheap production of regular food causes most of the natural nutrients and natural taste to be stripped out. The companies then add numerous inexpensive synthetic ingredients to give the food taste. Basically, regular food is nothing more than a cheap, man-made, look-alike imitation of the real thing. No wonder your body hates it. Remember . . . if a man made it, don't eat it!

5. I never drink carbonated beverages. Carbonated water blocks calcium absorption, and these liquids also contain high fructose corn syrup or aspartame, which are physically-addicting drugs. Stay away from them. If you must temporarily drink soda (to transition yourself out of carbonated beverages like I did), then buy an all-natural soda consisting of fruit-juice concentrates in sparkling water from your local health food store. I haven't drunk a single carbonated beverage since mid-January. And by late February, I transitioned out of the all-natural soda and into pure organic fruit juice not from concentrate.

6. I never, ever eat fast food. Fast food is the most cheaply produced, chemically laced, and addictive drug-infested type of regular food you could ever put in your mouth. Watch the movie Supersize Me for a humorous, informative take on fast food. Once you start living an organic lifestyle, your cravings for fast food will simply vanish within a few short weeks. The last time I ate it was in mid-January, and haven't missed it at all.

When it comes to regular 'slow-food' restaurants, I only eat out about once per month as a special occasion.

7. Each day, I go for a walk outdoors for an hour nonstop, five to six days per week. I walk at a normal pace, and bring along headphones to enjoy my music with. Whenever possible, I choose a place featuring a breathtaking view (such as the Lake Hefner Dam in Oklahoma City ). Walking outdoors for an hour each day will spread oxygen throughout your system, heal your body, increase your metabolism, and cure many ailments. And looking off into the distance while walking has a de-stressing effect. There is no need for strenuous exercise or fitness clubs. Walking to good music is easy and fun, and does not feel like a chore. And when living the organic lifestyle, you'll want to get out and walk!

8. I no longer consume prescription drugs, or nonprescription over-the-counter drugs of any kind. They are toxic to the body, and only address symptoms temporarily. They do not strike at the root. They are known to cause illness, disease, obesity, and death. They also hinder the body's ability to heal itself naturally, and can have a residual negative effect on your health for a long time.

One day several weeks ago, I experienced mild flu symptoms. Instead of taking drugs, I ate three organic apples throughout the day, ate organic vegetable soup, took teaspoons of organic vinegar periodically, drank a lot of water, rested, and finally went outdoors for an hour-long walk. At the conclusion of the walk, my flu symptoms had vanished. I naturally cured myself of the flu in 12 hours, which normally would have taken me three or more days! Remember, the FDA says, 'Only a drug can cure, prevent, or treat a disease.' Hilarious, isn't it? Sounds like the government.

Drugs and surgery do have an appropriate use, though, and that is for emergency situations, such as a life-threatening injury. But for improving and sustaining your health, drugs are a big no-no.

9. I never eat or drink anything that comes out of a microwave oven. Microwave frequencies electromagnetically destroy the nutrients in the food. In the past, for example, I typically would eat two cans of regular soup cooked in the microwave. But during the first week of January (a day before beginning my shopping at Akin's Natural Foods), I decided to cook my regular soup on the stove instead of the microwave. Guess what happened? My stomach was full on the regular soup after eating just one can! It tasted better, too. Need I say more?

10. I avoid any food or drink that says, 'diet,' 'low calorie,' 'low fat,' 'fat free,' 'low carb,' 'no carbs,' 'sugar free,' etc. These are man-made, highly-toxic foods that make you hungry, tired, depressed, diseased, and even fat. The naturally-occurring ratios of nutrients in these foods are completely out of whack, and the foods are loaded with artificial ingredients galore. In the first week of January, I temporarily switched from diet soda to regular soda, briefly changed from reduced-fat peanut butter to the regular kind, and for awhile, I drank whole milk instead of low-fat. Immediately, my appetite was nearly cut in half. And this wasn't even organic food!

And oh yeah . . . diet foods have one more problem: they taste like crap.

Keep in mind that calories, fat content, and carbohydrates do not make you fat. It is the chemical production, the cheap processing, and the synthetic ingredients that make you fat and diseased.

11. I no longer consume homogenized dairy products. The milk homogenization process in the factory reduces the molecules in the milk to such small sizes that they scar the walls of your arteries. This causes the cholesterol and fat in your bloodstream to stick to the damaged artery walls -- impeding circulation, lowering your metabolism, making you fat, and eventually causing a heart attack.

It took a while for me to give up dairy, but in late April, I finally replaced it with all-natural calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D supplements. I felt more energetic right away, and within a week, no longer craved milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, or pizza.

12. I take an all-natural vitamin E (with mixed tocopherols) supplement each morning. This improves circulation throughout the body, boosts your metabolism, helps with healing, and even reduces varicose veins. It works great for me.

13. I eat a tablespoon of organic, unrefined coconut oil at the beginning of breakfast. This reduces your appetite, aids digestion, dramatically boosts your mood, and increases your metabolism. I didn't start this until two weeks ago, and already, the results are absolutely spectacular!

14. Upon arising in the morning, I immediately drink a large bottle of water. This jumpstarts your metabolism and eliminates the feeling of dryness.

15. I eat a large breakfast, a medium lunch, and a small dinner. It's extremely important to eat a large breakfast, since it gives you energy and nutrition to start the day. I call it frontloading: eating more earlier in the day, and less later.

16. I eat an organic apple each day. It prevents many illnesses, reduces or eliminates your appetite, and normalizes blood sugar. I usually devour an organic apple as my dinner desert.

17. I sleep on a magnetic mattress pad and pillow pad. As crazy and strange as this may seem, I've noticed that I fall asleep faster, wake up fewer times during the night, and have more energy throughout the day. I was quite skeptical when first reading about the healing aspects of magnets, but in March, I finally decided to give it a try. Thus far, I haven't been disappointed!

18. I use an in-line water filter on my shower and bathroom sink. Therefore, I no longer am soaking my hands, face, and body with tap-water chemicals such as chlorine. I also use organic shampoo, organic hand soap, and all-natural toothpaste and lip balm. So what's the outcome of all this weird stuff?

The result: my skin and hair feels smoother, less dry, less smelly, and less itchy throughout the day and night.

19. I use all-natural laundry detergent and cleaning products. This way, I won't be inhaling any chemical fumes from my clothes, bed sheets, or living space all the time. It helps me sleep better at night, and concentrate easier during the day.

20. Finally'last but not least'I no longer watch TV! I am absolutely convinced that television makes you sick, fat, broke, and stupid. It is toxic poison. I haven't switched it on in weeks, and recently cancelled my cable TV service.

Everything you see and hear on TV is very heavily influenced by the major advertisers: the drug companies, the large food corporations, and the big brokerage firms. The government also controls the content to a huge extent. It is mostly propaganda and fantasy, the TV shows are dull and boring, and even the music video stations have gone to crap. Off it goes.

I've now attached a sign to my TV screen. It features a picture of Uncle Sam pointing at you and saying, 'Turn off the TV and THINK!' (You can view it by clicking here.) And instead of blaring the boob tube during meals, I now play my music collection. It's far more fun and exciting.

Well ladies and gentlemen, those are the fine details of my organic lifestyle. Please note that I did not change everything overnight, but that I added an alteration here and there -- day by day, week by week, month by month. I have been doing every single item listed above since May 24th.

And now, you'd probably like to know the results of this weird way of life, wouldn't you? You'd like to know how it has affected me thus far during the last five months, correct?

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