United 93 Brought Down by Gun Control Laws


Go see "United 93," the movie, quickly, while it is still in circulation. Every gun rights patriot will recognize that the final cause of the crash can be placed at the feet of the political gun grabbers. Once the plane was in the air, nobody could have prevented the crash except those on board. Therefore,

- IF passengers had not been totally disarmed by the metal detectors at the airports

- IF pilots had not been disarmed by the FAA 14 years ago

. . . there would have surely been a couple of passengers with concealed weapons who could have dropped the hijackers. Instead, all passengers were disarmed. And the pilots were helpless in the face of the determined hijackers, who routed them out of their seats.

This picture is living proof that disarming the law-abiding public leaves the bad guys in charge. As shown in the movie, the hijackers were able to smuggle plastic explosives through the metal detectors. Thus, one determined bad guy was able to resist the retaliation of 63 outraged but unarmed passengers. According to the portrayal in the movie, the passengers did NOT break down the cockpit door and gain entry into the cockpit. The hijacker-pilots voluntarily drove the plane into the ground.

At the point when the passengers realized they were on a suicide mission, they quietly asked the flight attendants for help in scrounging knives, hammers, screwdrivers, weapons of any kind, from the galley. Only a true gun rights patriot will recognize this series of fatal events. Thus we all owe it to our families and friends to make them aware of these outcomes. I have not read any mention of this element by any movie reviewer. It completely went by them.

Saturated by state-sponsored propaganda, most movie reviewers believe the passengers gained control of the plane and steered it away from Washington, D.C. Absolute NONSENSE! The passengers were fighting to get IN to the cockpit, and they had a small-plane private pilot designated to take the pilot's seat, if they were able to pry the hijackers away from the controls.

There were many screwups by government on 9/11. Many have already been discussed. But I have yet to see any reviewer mention that the state's gun control laws played any part in the disaster.

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