The U.S. War on Democracy

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For all of George W. Bush's lip service to democracy, he and his plutocratic cronies are sure doing a lot to destroy the Palestinians' democracy. The cornerstone of a democratic society is supposed to be the will of the people. The Palestinian people showed their will for Hamas. In a free election, they voted for a Hamas government. If Bush and the US government are sincere in their pro-democracy statements, they should welcome the new Hamas democracy. But their actions prove their talk to be nothing but lies. The US government has virtually starved the Palestinian people by withholding aid. This appears to be a method of punishing the people for not voting the 'right' way. The powerful Israeli lobby group American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which controls the US Congress and White House on Middle East foreign policy issues, actually wrote a bill that puts roadblocks up against the new Palestinian government. And, of course, the obedient politicians pushed it through. The Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act passed by a vote of 361 to 37! The reason for the AIPAC drafted anti-Palestinian legislation is to take Bush off the kosher meat hook. It appears the world at large does not approve of the Israeli/US plan to starve the Palestinians into submission. The European Union is developing an aid plan for the Palestinians that Bush may possibly have allowed to go through. With the passing of the legislation that AIPAC wrote for the 'US' Congress, that threat is now removed! The Bush administration hates true democracy so much that, according to an article in the New York Times of February 14, 2006, the United States and Israel are discussing ways to destabilize the recently and freely democratically elected Hamas government! Perhaps Bush wants to invade and overthrow any government, democracy or not, that goes against his Bible-based, neoconservative, deranged ideas of Israel ruling the world from Jerusalem. It has become painfully evident that George W. and the neocons lied to get the war started in Iraq. Just ask the families of the 2,500 US military personnel or of the more than 100,000 Iraqis who had their lives wasted because of the twisted worldview of the neocons and plutocrats. Are they telling lies yet again when they changed the reason for war from WMD to spreading democracy around the Middle East? If they are telling the truth this time, wouldn't they be trying to work with the elected Palestinian government instead of trying to destroy it? It's not democracy they're after, it's an Israel First policy that also guarantees their own selfish political careers. When the Muslims see our blind and unbalanced support of Israel at their expense, they know what most Americans don't take the time to know--the US is a submissive tool for Israel. Michael Scheuer, the former leader of the Osama bin Laden team of the CIA, wrote a book about the failing war on terror the US is screwing up and what needs to be done if we want to stop the terror. The book, Imperial Hubris, lists some things the US government needs to do, or stop doing, that will go a very long way towards ending the terror problem. One is stop supporting regimes in Islamic lands that oppress their people for the benefit of Big Oil. And the other necessary action that must be done to stop the terror is to stop putting the interests of Israel above America's and the world's interests. Based on the blind obedience of the politicians to AIPAC, get ready for a long, enduring struggle with terrorism.

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