God' and Other Superheroes

I want 'god's' job. What other profession in the universe would you get all the credit and none of the blame? If something good happens, then you would get all the credit, but if something bad happens, well that was someone else's fault. What a great job, where do I apply?

Like most people, I thought it was a great tragedy when I read about the 12 miners trapped in a coal mine. I also felt a sense of relief when the news media reported that all 12 were alive and well. I then felt a sense of horror when I learned the media was wrong and 11 of 12 were dead and one was close to death.

As the story began to unfold, I read how the family members had prayed for a miracle and then thanked 'god' for answering their prayers when the media falsely reported they were alive. What I did not hear about was the family recanting their thanks when it was learned that 'god' did nothing to help them.

Hey I understand, maybe 'god' was playing golf or maybe he was busy answering other prayers and was overworked. Either way though, 'god' still received all the credit and none of the blame for this tragedy. I wonder if the believers have ever given this any thought?

Yes, 'god' does move in mysterious ways, but his followers move in even more mysterious ways; dementia, psychosis and euphoria, just to name a few. I understand why 'god' gets a free pass, because he is 'god,' the all powerful, all loving, all . . . everything. We cannot see 'god's' big plan, so who are we to judge?

The real question is why would an all-loving 'god' let these things happen in the first place? Well of course it's because 'god' gave us free will and he does not intervene in our lives. Well if that's the case, why pray in the first place? If 'god' has no intention of intervening, what would be the purpose of prayer? Would this not be an act of futility?

I know I am applying logic and reason to an area where none exists, but this has always puzzled me. Believers pray for 'god' to help them, knowing that he will not intervene in their lives, but then thank him when something good happens, because it was his will. Of course, if the prayer is not answered, that was his will also and he is not to blame.

It must be great to be a 'god,' never having to answer for anything and always getting the credit. I wish the real world worked that way. I wish that I also could have a job like that, but unfortunately I live in the real world, not the fairytale one. In my world when something goes wrong that I am in charge of, all fingers point to me, and I don't get a free pass.

When I was a kid, I liked fairytales. I used to read comics as a young child and loved imagining that there were superheroes like Superman and Batman that would come to my rescue whenever I was in trouble and save the day. As I grew older, I realized that this was just a fairytale and these superheroes (Gods) did not really exist, they were just fictional characters. As I matured and became an adult, I was amazed that most people still believed in fairytales, only now the superhero was 'god.'

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