The Power 'Crisis' Is a Fake


There is no "shortage" of electricity anymore than there is a shortage of ice cream cones or ice cubes. The "shortage" we have is a shortage of FREEDOM.

In fact, there are plenty of ice cream cones and ice cubes, even in this heat wave. How can that be? Why aren't they in short supply?

The reason is, the FREE MARKET. Ice cream and ice cubes are sold in a competitive, capitalistic, free market where the sellers work for PROFIT and virtually anybody who wants to get into the business can do so.

Hot weather like this current heat wave, increases demand dramatically for ice cream and ice cubes, so the sellers crank up their production.

Voila! No shortages.

Electricity, on the other hand, is a government protected MONOPOLY for a handful of politically-connected companies who have EXCLUSIVE TERRITORIES that shut out competitors.

We consumers have NO CHOICE but to buy electricity from the government-protected monopoly, and pay the government-approved PRICE, which guarantees a MINIMUM PROFIT to the power company.

Thus, the power companies have NO INCENTIVE to build more generating plants or even modernize their existing plants because they are guaranteed a minimum profit margin and suffer no threat of losing business.

Electricity is produced, distributed and sold in America exactly the same way as it is done in Communist Cuba, North Korea, China, or Socialist Russia.

After nearly 120 years of Socialist Electricity in America, it's time to kick the government out of the electricity business.

Open the market to anybody that wants to produce and sell electricity. And let the marketplace decide who the vendors are and the prices that are charged.

Supplies will go up, prices will come down, as vendors compete with new ideas for the consumer's dollar.

And varieties of offers will expand just like they have in ice cream which consistently offers new flavors and recipes.

We are overdue for a complete separation of electricity and state.

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Don Hull is an advertising/marketing consultant in Costa Mesa, CA and has run for Congress twice on the Libertarian ticket.