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October 6, 2006

Last night I tuned into PBS because I saw a promo for a documentary done by Bill Moyers that made it appear he was going to expose the inner workings of the lobby groups who work the plutocrats in Congress. Knowing that the Israeli lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is the second most powerful lobby in the US even though it doesn't even lobby for Americans but for a foreign country, I thought this fact would be covered in the documentary along with the stranglehold AIPAC exerts over the politicians. It wasn't.

The documentary, "Capitol Crimes," did a pretty good job of demonstrating how lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his clique of phonies and criminals, which included the likes of Ralph Reed--the former executive director of the Christian Coalition, scammed American Indian tribes out of millions of dollars, and how they bought politicians for a sweatshop owner in the Mariana Islands. This was a good lesson and example of how government works in reality. Kind of like the Jimmy Stewart movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," without the positive parts. However, as bad and disgusting as Abramoff and Reed are, they don't come close to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. AIPAC's interests don't lie in lining their pockets with gold, their main interest is Israel, and they don't care how many dead bodies they have to climb over to achieve their goal of securing a greater Israel of Biblical proportions at the expense of the rest of the world.

The fact that Moyers or any 'journalist' has never done an in-depth investigation of AIPAC demonstrates AIPAC's raw power. Surely the fact that AIPAC is virtually the only organization that can unite both the Democrat and the Republican parties into sickening harmony and bipartisanship when it comes to Israel would spark some sort of interest in the mind of a journalist. Wouldn't a journalist want to know why America gives well over two BILLION dollars every year to the tiny Jewish state that is loaded with WMD, and why in fact Congress just increased that aid by half a BILLION US tax dollars? Wouldn't a journalist want to know more about the powerhouse that the plutocrats and their staff simply refer to as 'the lobby'? Aren't established media journalists curious as to how a tiny country like Israel can dictate to the only remaining 'superpower,' the United States, on how things will be in US foreign policy for the Middle East? Does the fact that AIPAC was pushing for a US war with Iraq and that it came to be a reality which the world is still suffering from today, coupled with the fact that Bush and gang repeatedly lied to the American public in order to get the AIPAC sponsored war started, set off any alarms in the minds of these journalists? Don't the journalists think the fact that there were Israeli agents with very close ties to key Washington neoconservatives given free access to the Pentagon during the buildup to the war in Iraq deserves some very serious attention and publicity?

Don't the journalists wonder why a key fact in the current AIPAC spy case was changed from passing information involving Israeli agents in Iraq to passing information regarding Iraqi insurgent attacks being planned against American forces? Don't journalists wonder how AIPAC can maintain its control over Congress in regards to the unbalanced bias in favor of Israel against the Palestinians even though this is a key reason for the 9/11 attacks and current and future threats from al Qaida?

Bill Moyers could have done much good by including AIPAC in his story about the lobby problem in Washington. It's even been revealed in the Jewish media that Jack Abramoff, who is Jewish, spoke to Bush's top advisor at the time, Karl Rove, about Israel.

The fact that nobody in the established media is willing to openly and honestly investigate and report on AIPAC implies fear. Fear of losing or damaging the one thing that is most important to journalists (no, not the truth!)--their careers! They don't care how many civilian and military lives and limbs it costs to secure their meaningless careers, it must be done!

With AIPAC currently working the plutocrats to get a war started in Iran the same way they did to get the war started between the US and Iraq, courageous and honest journalists are needed now more than ever. The sad thing is, there doesn't appear to be any journalists of the caliber required to meaningfully take on and expose AIPAC and stop the kosher war machine. Not only are quality journalists desperately needed, so are courageous media outlets. Since we currently don't have either, our only source of honest, non-filtered news remains the Internet.

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