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Upon further review, the drunken rant of Mel Gibson may not be that far off the mark. An outburst of this type tends to be emotional and brief to have a shocking effect on the listener. Gibson's charges may have only been incomplete and in need of some clarification. This, of course, takes time. A detailed explanation to individuals with the intellectual capacity of a turnip (i.e., his police kidnappers) would have been a criminal misuse of time. Perhaps, Gibson sensed this.

Also, Gibson has worked in the entertainment industry for some time. He understands well that the attention span of the masses is quite small. Presentations must be brief and to the point- a fast moving collage of carefully chosen sound bites. Gibson's off the cuff remarks just were not well chosen, nor accurately condensed. That is a job for a skilled editor.

It's a fact that Jewish men were founders and primary players in the Hollywood media business--Louis B. Mayer, Irving Thalberg, Adolph Zukor, Max Fleischer, William Fox, Marcus Loew, Ben Hecht, to name a few. These were men who controlled the financial/business end of the entertainment industry more than the creative side. Without their approval no creative product was made.

I would think that dominance is not as prominent now as in the early days but their influence is still significant. I say this merely to state a fact, not to make any conspiratorial charges. It's also apparent to most that the Hollywood media business has maintained a close relationship with the war-mongering, terrorist, American state. The media moguls have produced a steady supply of propaganda programming that promotes and glorifies this murderous organization. The media business' highly regulated (and profitable) existence depends on doing just that.

It's a fact that the Israeli state is controlled by Zionist Jews. Its present foreign policy is evident of this fact. The Israeli state is second only to the American state in the capacity to initiate aggressive war and outright murder. Each state follows the others cue as how to handle conflict. Islamic extremists certainly initiate their fair share of carnage but it tends to be of the non-state variety.

It is a fact that the Israeli state (controlled by Zionist Jews) has tremendous influence on the murderous foreign policy of the American state- at least to how that policy pertains to the Middle East. Therefore, the Jewish controlled Israeli state is complicit and a co-instigator of American initiated war crimes in that part of the world.

Mel Gibson's major error (beyond consuming alcohol without the ability to handle it) would be accusing 'Jews' in the collective sense. Obviously, all Jews don't support the actions of the terrorist Jewish state. Obviously, the words and actions of the Israeli state do not speak for all Jews. Gibson's words indicate a general, collective accusation against all Jews, justifying the charges of anti-Semitism.

Gibson was also errant in neglecting to list the Zionist's partners (intentional or otherwise) in the creation of war and destruction--American pseudo-Christians and Islamic Fascists. All three parties need each other to create fear among their respective flocks--as does their partner, the state. This fear is used to manipulate and control the lives of individuals.

Most people, unfortunately, do not carefully listen and analyze the words of others. That takes too much effort. They have been conditioned to listen for code words that set off pre-programmed, knee jerk responses from their brains. After all, critical analysis is not a course offering in American government controlled schools.

I've seen, read, and listened to enough Mel Gibson interviews to know he is an intelligent, thoughtful person with a great sense of humor. His recent performance has nothing to do with the latter characteristic. He wasn't joking. If I already knew enough about the man to know he was an ignorant jerk I would immediately dismiss his remarks. However, I don't think his recent tirade (as perceived by the mainstream) is indicative of the man.

Yes, Gibson should apologize for his callous remarks. But he should take it one step further and elaborate on the facts that inspired those remarks. It took guts to produce and release 'Passion of the Christ' despite the unending, hateful charges from history-challenged Zionists. Let us now see if there is still some Braveheart-style courage left in the man.

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