Government Is a Fatal Attraction

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March 26, 2007

I once had a cousin named Jackie. She was a beautiful, divorced mother of three who was murdered by a stalker when she attempted to escape the relationship. I know this horror first hand. I tell you today that the relationship between good citizens and their masters in Washington is nothing short of the same, victimizing, violent, delusional, deadly disaster.

Perhaps you are a single mother, elderly or have simply been taught by other people that you are, for whatever reason, incapable of surmounting life's difficulties. You feel you are somewhat physically or psychologically handicapped and believe that it must be someone else's responsibility to make your dreams come true. You're a good person and you deserve good things. You've struggled all your life and have been awaiting the coming of your knight in shining armor, as so many people are.

Imagine meeting a new fellow who seems nice. He's obviously knowledgeable and offers to help you with a variety of problems with which you are faced. He seems too good to be true! Someone who has been around long enough usually learns that anything that sounds too good to be true usually is. You, however, decide that another offer this good may never come along again, so you cast aside your misgivings and, for better or worse, choose to take a spin around the dance floor of life with this one. If it doesn't work out, you can stop anytime you want, right? You want to believe his enticing promises and trust him to finally make your dreams come true.

I know some readers might consider this far-fetched. As a woman, I can tell you it is not. There probably aren't many women out there who would admit to looking at life this way, but subconscious or not, it truly is a rampant attitude and not just limited to women. As Fred Reed says, government schools psychologically castrate little boys, turning them into little girls and they, too, fall prey to the idea that they should play nice and the Nanny State will reward them.

What is the name of the knight in shining armor? It's Government, Democratic Government. An old family name like that has such promise! Indeed, Demmy does as he says and takes over much responsibility in your life. What a relief! Now you can relax, stop worrying and enjoy life. It calls for celebration! This is called the honeymoon phase.

Like everything in life though, in time you find that things aren't exactly the way you thought they'd be. At first things seemed perfect and full of promise. Before long, things begin to get a little uncomfortable for you. Doubts creep in. You begin to realize that when someone else assumes responsibility for you, they become the ones making the choices for you too. You also find that life becomes much more expensive than it used to be.

You wake up one morning and find that there are no bacon or eggs. You check the grocery list, you're sure you wrote them down there. You find that the eggs you used to enjoy in the morning have been crossed off the list of acceptable food items. You hate to question Demmy, he's so conscientious, but you feel better when you eat protein in the morning. Demmy sighs; from behind your newspaper he explains that cholesterol is bad for you and you'll be having oatmeal from now on, and don't forget to pick up his dry cleaning on the way home from work. He still hasn't reimbursed you for the last batch of dry cleaning, but he's so helpful, you don't want to be petty. Arguing will only upset Demmy; it's not worth it. He does so much for you!

Doubts begin to creep in at times, but you endeavor to hold fast to the dream and the promises. You feel bad for ever doubting Democrat. He assures you that he's never had anything but your best interest in mind. What ever did you do without him? All his friends assure you that he is the best and the brightest of all the Government Families.

When you leave for work, you find that Demmy has a surprise for you ' a new car! He traded in your Buick for a shiny new Prius that is 'green' and far more efficient ' he's only looking out for your best interest! Yes, your old car was bigger and more comfortable; probably safer in a crash, but you need to be responsible now. You convince yourself that he is right and objecting would be selfish and ungrateful of you. You wouldn't want to risk losing Demmy and all the wonderful things he's promised you. Besides, you're really invested in the relationship now.

Eventually the Prius goes too. It's far more efficient and fair to everyone if you use public transportation. Democrat needs his car and driver, however, because his work of managing your life is so important that he can't be expected to wait around or rub elbows with common people. (Does this sound like a politician?)

Sometimes you feel guilty because you aren't always grateful. Life is good--Demmy just gave you $50 to buy yourself some new clothes for work (a tax break). He has also begun talking about all the wonderful things he has planned for your future (Social Security, Medicare and Prescriptions). You just need to keep working and trust him.

He's balancing your checkbook for you now--another relief!--and promised you a nice retirement. It's easier for him to have access to all your accounts and pass codes instead of bothering for permission all the time. Trust him, you won't have to worry about a thing. There will always be a chicken in every pot. Making promises is indeed Demmy's greatest skill. You're learning that going along with Demmy's ideas is getting easier all the time. Besides, you're tired after a long day of work, too tired to think about very much.

Demmy says smoking and drinking are bad for you, and out of concern, he won't allow them anymore. He takes better care of you than he does of himself (he still smokes and drinks). He really cares! You've learned not to mention that you miss those things you used to enjoy, the ones Demmy says are bad for you. He is smarter than you--he must be because he is so willing to take over responsibility. He must know something you don't know.

Demmy handles all the bills now, which is really convenient. Isn't it the least you can do to make sure everything goes to him if something should happen to you? He has also decided that you need to do more for other people who have less than you do. You don't have to worry about it though, he'll just write the checks for you. When you try to approach the subject of spending money on yourself, Demmy becomes silent, evasive or even moody. After all he's done for you, the least you can do is be grateful and help others!

Some new things appear in the refrigerator! The tofu and Boca Burgers are not to your liking, but Demmy assures you that they will grow on you. You continue to ignore the feeling in your gut and concentrate on trusting him.

Eventually Demmy says you need to get a second job because taking care of you is more expensive than it used to be. You don't understand this because you are making more money than ever, but your life is becoming less affluent all the time. He says you'll have to cut out expensive lattes and skip your annual trip home to see your parents this Christmas.

Your friends aren't as excited about Demmy as you are. They don't understand that you can't eat out with them like you used to. It's all fattening food that is bad for you. Besides, it's expensive and you're too busy with that second job to see them anymore. Democrat has become everything to you. What's a little sacrifice when you have so much?

Demmy also says that the phone bills are too high, so you need to stop calling your friends. In order to keep you safe, Demmy needs to screen all your calls and emails for you, and he says those friends are not good for you anyway. Don't you want to prove your loyalty? Besides, privacy is a thing of the past. If you keep any secrets from Demmy, he can't protect you. If you're not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to hide. Total awareness is security.

Demmy often stays late at the office now, sometimes all night. One day you get to the mail before he returns. It takes all the courage you can muster to gently pose a casual question about all the charges on your credit card for hotels, escorts and golf. There are also several late notices, including one on a home equity loan that you didn't know you had. (The government has been borrowing in your name, too.)

Demmy is outraged. He works so hard to take care of you ' how dare you question him like a common servant! He's a noble Democrat! He comes from a long line of Democrats! Who do you think you are?! Demmy rips the mail out of your hand and shoves you away.

The relationship is showing signs of stress everywhere now. Demmy always feels very bad for hurting you and swears it won't happen again. It's not his fault--it's actually your fault.

The doubts you refused to entertain before can no longer be denied. Now you're afraid. You've been duped, you're alone and there's no easy way to extricate this dangerous, terrifying thief from your life because his helpful fingers are on everything you own. You suddenly remember that he has guns, a lot of them, but won't allow you to have one because they are dangerous. (Sound familiar?)

This is the predicament Americans encounter when realizing they've fallen asleep at the wheel of life. Their privacy is gone, along with their civil rights and their guns. They are in more danger than ever from the terrorists in government. Waking up to the reality of confiscatory taxation, total surveillance and the police state to which America has been reduced is like waking up in a Quentin Tarantino film ' it's violent, terrifying and you can hardly believe things could get this bad. Weren't the world-improvers, as Bill Bonner calls them, supposed to make things better? Is it any wonder that most Americans will go to any length to keep their heads in the sand?

Relationships based on control always escalate to violence. Even if such a one first appears bearing candy, flowers and beautiful promises, no one in their right mind would knowingly date a person like this. Why would anyone in their right mind jump into bed with tens of thousands of these proven stalkers who are in collusion against you?! Government is never satisfied with a little piece of you. Like a smooth talking stalker, its insidious reach creeps through your life until it is in complete possession of all. You are exposed, numbered, tracked and defenseless.

It would control what you eat, what you see, hear, say or smoke under threat of violence. It will kill you if it must. Such 'freedom and democracy' has been done to tens of thousands of Iraqis for their own good. Government doesn't deliver on sweet promises; it doesn't even return your calls. It lies constantly about its actions, has never been faithful to its vows (to uphold the Constitution and limitations on itself) and never will.

Government has killed more people than all other serial killers in the history of the world combined. Isn't it childish to think that somehow this ravenous carnivore will not harm you, but actually serve and protect you and make your dreams come true? Wake up America ' that smell is a bonfire of your financial security, your liberties and your illusions gone up in smoke.

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