Chuck Schumer, You Are the Essence of Evil

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February 27, 2007

Senator Schumer:

I'll cut right to the chase. First off, I'll not refer to you as the "Honorable Charles Schumer," since there is not a single manner -- not one -- in which that adjective can possibly apply to you.

Since you graduated with a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School in 1974, you have never held an honest job in your life. That same year you were elected to the New York State Assembly. True, you passed the state bar exam in '75, but never actually practiced. You have been a lifelong politician. Translation: You have spent the last 33 years as a leech. A parasite. A worthless consumer of stolen property, and assailer of human rights and dignity. And yet you strut around in endless pomp and self-righteousness as if you were a veritable deity. If there is a deity, Senator, may He, She, or It damn you to Hades for that alone.

But it doesn't end there, does it, Senator? With your co-conspirator Dianne Feinstein, you authored the 1994 "assault-weapons" ban -- an odious infraction upon the Constitution you both swore to uphold and defend. Yet you openly admit to owning guns yourself. And you have sought to renew this monstrosity at the nearest available opportunity, ever since it has thankfully sunsetted these past three years. To add insult to injury, you actually voted against the Vitter Amendment, which prohibits use of federal revenues to finance confiscation of firearms in the wake of a disaster, such as what we saw occur in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. What of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership? They must serve as a serious embarrassment to you, for unlike Aaron Zelman, you unabashedly advocate such a nascent police state. You beat your chest proudly at the prospect of eliminating the rights of others. But you'll still have your weapons at day's end, won't you Senator?

Similar hypocrisy you display in joining forces with Joe Lieberman to ban certain video games as too violent, and certain forms of adult entertainment as too promiscuous -- but you had no trouble condemning thousands of Iraqis and American soldiers to their deaths by voting in favor of war, did you Senator? After all, it wasn't you or your daughters who were going to be called upon to fight and be placed in harm's way, was it? No, you knew you'd be safe in Brooklyn with your guns; guns you want no one else to have. You arrogantly assert that government must "protect" its subjects from terrorism, yet you advocate an aggressive foreign policy, which ensures the continuation of violence and retribution against this country and its people.

Even the Village Voice has openly criticized you of late for your indifferent attitude to the use of torture against captured "terrorist" suspects in the Middle East and elsewhere. These facts wouldn't have anything to do with your membership in CIAC (Congressional Israel Allies Caucus), would they? Nor your dogmatic deference to every last whim of AIPAC? No, of course not, Senator.

But then, even though you sit on the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, your loyalty to your faith and heritage does not extend to someone like, say, Irwin Schiff -- whose quest for truth and justice has landed him in a federal prison at the hands of a clear-cut criminal such as Judge Kent Dawson -- whom you and the other members of your committee have every authority to call to the carpet and sanction for gross misconduct and lawless disregard of the statutes and regulations drafted by Congress. Why, no! That would expose for all to see the wickedly illegal "income" taxation scheme you and your governmental cohorts full-well know about -- and deliberately empower your minions to insulate from attack at every turn, no matter how much legal window-dressing must be shredded in the process. For that matter, answering any of Aaron Russo's questions during research for his recent film, America: Freedom to Fascism would've produced a like, though less dramatic result, would it have not, Senator? For after all, if former IRS Commissioner Sheldon Cohen couldn't answer a few simple questions about "income" tax law without stumbling all over himself in front of Mr. Russo's cameras, what chance would you have, Senator, albeit you, like he, are an attorney?

In short, Senator Schumer, at the risk of sounding anti-Semitic, you lack only the proverbial horns coming out of your head. But I don't need to see those. I've already seen more than enough to convince me that you are in truth a devil; the very essence of evil. And is evil not embodied by embracing the violent coercion of the State above all else, as you have done with your life?

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