The Song of the Parasites


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April 18, 2007

Sunday Morning, the weekly CBS magazine on TV, had a segment this morning on the financial squeeze of the middle class in the current U.S. of A. Sunday Morning is one of my (few) favorite television shows when it manages to stay away from politics and left-liberal preaching, which it manages to do more often than not, surprisingly.

The show is a hour and a half of short individual segments on all kinds of quaint and wondrous things that go on in the world of the human animal, and sometimes other animals as well, like the segment they had on this morning about the dog that paints and is now fetching multiple thousands of dollars per painting at his various international gallery exhibitions.

And of course there was the obligatory segment on the current brouhaha of Don Imus and his foot-in-mouth disease. This one was voiced by Nancy Giles, an outspoken black woman, who had the sense of decency to point out that while Imus' statement was a tad on the offensive side, she was very disturbed that none of the ever-so-highly-offended chattering classes was saying anything at all about the vast industry of rappers and others who have built hugely successful enterprises on the foundation of disrespecting and degrading all women, and black women in particular . . . .

You go, girl!

But back to the other parasites.

The thrust of the story was that the middle class is being eaten alive by inflation. Costs are increasing faster than income. Well, uh . . . sure they are. Do we need CBS to tell us this? But they do, and they go on to give examples of the problems in the form of two supposedly typical families. And sadly, they probably are representative.

In one family, the husband is a policeman, the wife a nurse. In the other, the husband runs a "Community Improvement Corporation," while his wife is a respiratory therapist at local hospital. These couples are whining about the fact that they are being deprived of the "American Dream."

But pay attention here.

Both men are engaged in the act of controlling and restricting the choices of others. And they do this while being paid (tax) money that was taken by threat of force from those very same people whose lives they feel entitled to control, using the threat of, or even actual, deadly force.

And both wives in these "typical families" are employed in the socialized medical industry where payment and standards are set, not by the customers, but rather by a fascistic consortium of corporate and government pencil-and-favor pushing parasites.

There was not an example of a person working in a free market, exchanging value for value here. No one was shown producing something of value which was willingly sought out by people desiring to exchange their hard-earned money for value received.

Nope. What we are shown is cogs in the criminal cartel, complaining that those productive people they are sucking the life-blood from are no longer giving out such large and lustrous golden eggs as they did in the past--when there were fewer leeches.

How odd is that? Who'd a thunk? as they say!

I think the solution is to print more counterfeit money and pass more restrictions and onerous penalties on what people may and may not do . . . . Yep, that should do it. Oh, and don't forget to vote!

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