It's the Message, Stupid!

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February 11, 2008

From the time I first journeyed through the rabbit hole and up until recently, I had always thought it was the message. I thought if the people could somehow hear the message, surely they would accept it . . . the message, of course, being freedom. I now know that the people have heard the message, and that message was rejected.

All elections are examples of why 'Dumbocracy' is evil and only further demonstrate why governments love to promote this farce, but this one was slightly different. Sure the rhetoric still sounded the same, but for the first time, there was someone who was speaking about freedom and liberty who actually understood what these words meant. The person, of course, was Ron Paul, and this person was, of course, portrayed as senile and crazy for speaking about such things.

I never really thought Ron Paul would survive his battle with Leviathan, but I was interested to see what the sheep would think of his message. After all, I had always thought if the sheep would listen to the message, they would no longer be sheep. I was wrong. I had spent most of my adult life telling others they just don't 'get it,' but as it turned out, I was the one who did not 'get it.' The sheep 'get it' just fine, I am the one who has been delusional all these years for thinking people actually want to be free; they don't.

It's really sad that when for the first time the people were actually given a chance to vote for someone who actually was for freedom and liberty and did not just give these words lip service, they pulled the lever for more of the same: more war, more theft, more lies and more fascism, and they did this of course because they wanted change. It's true, all one needs to do is listen to the talking heads on television, the people want change! I guess in the Orwellian world we live in today, change is what the people will receive.

While watching the MTV debate, I noticed that since this was a younger group of people that all the questions were about 'if elected, what can I expect from government?' Of course, with the exception of Ron Paul, all of the Republicrats tried to compete to see which one of them could throw open the doors of the Treasury (assuming there is such a thing) the quickest and offer the most opportunity to plunder and pillage other people's money.

Yes, the people really are nothing more than sheep. How could anyone say they are looking for change, while at the same time ask for more of the same? Looking at the usual suspects that have been offered up to us from our great Dumbocracy, what exactly separates these tyrannical puppets? Other than the left/right, liberal/conservative dogma that is used as a guise, there is no difference.

What great philosophical decision would someone need to make when moving his or her support from Giuliani to Romney and then to McCain? There is no difference between any of these Nazis, so other than the task of changing the sign in the yard and the bumper sticker on the car, no effort or thought is involved at all. You would never see a McCain sign being replaced by a Ron Paul sign, as this would require a change in philosophy and some actual thought.

I know Ron Paul personally and I think he is a good man. With that being said, I know nothing really would have changed even if he had somehow managed to enlighten the sheep and get their support. The machine would have never allowed someone like Ron Paul to survive. If the machine had not been able to minimize and ridicule him, it would have been just as willing to kill him and silence him. Leviathan will not be stopped; it has spent too much time, effort and stolen money to let someone try to stifle it.

I mention all of this not because I lost my mind and actually considered voting or supporting Dumbocracy; no, I am merely admitting that I was wrong in my thinking the message was not being heard. The people heard the message and it was the message they did not like. No longer will I tell people they just don't 'get it,' because it was I who did not 'get it.' I now know 'It's the message, stupid!'

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