Making Gang Rape Fair


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August 25, 2008

I've noticed a plethora of discussions of late regarding vote tampering. One radio show describes how John Kerry was the odds on favorite in Warren County, Ohio and yet lost the vote under a cloud of highly suspicious factors which "oddly enough" were not investigated before all of the voting records and other evidence was destroyed.

Numerous allegations have been made about the use of proprietary electronic voting machines (whose operational code is secret) to manipulate the counts, providing different totals from the actual votes. These allegations seem to have some very solid data and reasoning backing them up.

Each time I hear or read one of these stories, invariably told by someone who feels his trust has been deeply betrayed and that the future of society hangs in the balance (!!!), I must say that I can hardly help but bursting out in laughter. I mean, really, what is the issue? These folks are horrified that their gang of thugs will not get the "right" to shove their ideas down my throat? Give me a break, to quote John Stossel. This is so smarmy it defies belief.

Do these folks really believe that if a majority of the guys in the room decide to have sex with the hottie on the dance floor, that she must happily submit? How is it that anyone can, with a straight face, proclaim that mob rule makes for justice? I mean, come on, let's get serious here. Does it really matter whether all of the votes put into the hat at the bar were actually counted fairly and honestly? Does that have ANYthing to do with the morality of raping someone? (Or taking a percentage of their paycheck, or telling them what manner of protective gear they must wear in their motorized conveyance or. . . .)

'If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers.' -- Thomas Pynchon

Democracy, when it comes to the legalized monopolistic use of force, is simply immoral, unacceptable, insane and brutal. If there is such a thing as "evil," this qualifies.

'But,' you say . . . But WHAT? Does ANY number of properly counted votes justify rape, or theft, or any of the myriad intrusions into the intimate decisions of how you wish to live your life? How anyone can justify, with a straight face, the enforcement of a priori rules on a supposed "free" people is beyond the scope of the word "rational."

We are talking insanity here, folks. There is no other word that can describe it.

It is not possible for voting in a government election to result in a fair result. Predatory force is what you are dealing with, or as H. L. Mencken put it so well, "Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods."

There may be no simple way to get out from under the vast mechanism of the predatory state at this point, but we certainly don't need to pretend that it is just and fair. This is no different that the syndrome of spousal abuse.

Stop. Walk away. Don't keep feeding the bastard and doing his laundry!

If you vote, you deserve to get screwed, just on general principle. If you vote, you are responsible for giving credibility to pure evil. Voting is the same as saying, "Yes dear, I know I caused you to hit me. I promise to be better!" Pretending that your husband is not molesting your daughter is only destroying your daughter's life--voting and supporting the idea of government is killing millions of people worldwide and enslaving most of the rest. The total killed in Iraq so far is surely in great excess of one million, and that doesn't begin to describe the devastating destruction of their entire culture (not to mention what has been done to our own). Are you still pretending this is a good man you're married to? This is beyond disgusting.

You're better than this. Really, you are. Trust in yourself. Trust in others. Most people are really wonderful when you treat them with a modicum of respect. It is not other people we need to fear, it is gangs. Don't participate in gangs. You have nothing to gain and all of your humanity to lose.

Start now. There is no other time. As Hugh Prather said, "There will never be a time when it is not now."

I bid you peace and love.

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