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September 8, 2008

You know the homeless people cluttering up the place? They can't rent a room in someone's house because there are laws forbidding this.

You know those people who can't make their mortgage payments or their tax payments? They can't rent out some of the rooms in their bigger-than-their-income houses because there are laws against that.

You know those kids who are living on the street with their homeless parents because they couldn't make the mortgage, rent, or tax payments? They couldn't help their parents out with some additional income from a job because that is against the law. So now they are living on the street in the back of a car. But that's okay because there are laws against that, and soon they'll be taken away from their parents.

You know those little things you could make in your spare time, to help bring in some money to feed or house your family? Things you could easily make while you are tending to your children or perhaps helping watch your neighbors' kids while they are at the second or third job? Well, it's against the law to make things at home, and you can't sell them without several expensive and complicated licenses for doing business legally. Speaking of which, unlicensed day care is a very serious offense and you could have your home and life seriously disrupted if someone finds you helping out with your neighbors' kids. It's against the law.

You know how good your mother's cookie recipe is, and how you could maybe make some of those cookies and sell them to your neighbors who are too busy with their three jobs to bake cookies? Well it's against the law to bake them unless you buy a commercial kitchen.

I bought a bag of Wasabi flavored Peanuts at the store the other day. On the back of the bag there is a box with claimed nutritional information. Next to that there is another box listing all the ingredients. Beneath that is an allergy warning box warning me the bag may . . . MAY . . . contain peanuts. There is such a possibility. (It's remote, but they had to warn me just in case.) There's a law for that.

Can you even conceive of what it cost in fees, licenses, permits, attorneys, reviews, redesigns, re-submissions, etc. before the first bag of those peanuts was allowed to be sold? I know I can't.

Have you heard the one about how there are no jobs here anymore because "we" shipped them all overseas? Ha Ha Ha. Funny, ain't it? We "outsourced" ourselves. Sadly, we didn't. We're all still here, it's just that it is against the law to DO anything. No wonder no one can pay for anything.

The only ones who can actually risk DOING something are those who are already illegal and have nothing more to lose. They are the ones who grow your food, pack your pork and drill your holes. Tell me, how can a person be illegal? Huh? That one gets me, it really does. They are just like us, only they are willing to break the law to create and sustain life. 'We' . . . are not.

Remember what Marc Stevens figured out and vocalized: A law is an opinion backed by a gun.

Want to work? You can't! Someone with a gun has an opinion about that. Want to stay at home and raise your kids and provide them an education that responds to their interests, desires, dreams, and personal motivations? (And what kid isn't just bursting with them?) There is a law against that . . . oops, I mean someone with a gun has a different opinion than you do on what is best for your children.

The only option those who call themselves "government servants" have is to pass laws. A law never motivated anyone. Martin Luther King, Jr. was not inspired because someone passed a law requiring him to give a speech. Nope. Inspiration only comes from within. It is love, it is the life force. It cannot be frightened into being. No, it is that incredible force which caused our parents to create us, and which shows up in dance, in charity, in invention. Love is the force of life, love is Stevie Wonder's voice. Love does not use a gun to enforce its opinion on you. Love smiles upon you and, if you are able, is that which smiles back.

Do you want to "save the world"? Save our "country"? It is very simple. Remove all laws, all permits, all fees, all bureaucrats. Let the love flow, let the love flow. It is not only just that simple, it is ONLY love that can do these things. Let your love flow. Let your love flow.

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