Air Force Removes RPA Airstrike Number from Summary


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Anybody notice a basic subtly here?


Not "drone"

This is noted often in state media: removing a controversially offensive word and replacing it with a more "pablum" word: "Climate Change" rather than debunked "Global Warming".

Drones are bad and they allow cowards in Nevada to murder women and children in Afghanistan. RPA's are high tech devices used to secure the peace and democracy in areas where large numbers of people are resistant and combative toward American peacekeeping efforts.



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**Yes I noticed that. As you know this is not the only word that has changed. {o]bama changes words more than he does his underwear. I wish I had kept up on the altercations of words and phrases and positions, like the pink slip issue. I cannot stand the feeling of having these dumb assed assholes taking over our country. They are purely stupid, but stupid or not it seems as if Americans are left with bowing.

I note that there are 20 maybe 27 states now that have written legislation against the operation or administration of NADD in their borders without due process. Bet that pisses the watermellon man off big time. So far there appears to be only three states writing legislating offending the Anti-gun laws. Any agent of the Fedgov who comes after one of their people will be arrested, tried, imprisoned fo 3 years and a $5000 fine. The NDAA states are calling it kidnapping and arresting agents trying them with the charge, 20 years in prison and a $300,000 fine.

I read a letter of the Utah Sheriffs association sent to the president indicating they would not enforce the anti-gun ban and would arrest any federal marshel who comes into Utah to arrest a person or persons for the possession of a semi-auto. There are some people standing up, some who can be effective in the manner they respond to the [o]bama administration. That warmed my heart to see these things. Michigan has joined the anti-NDAA group. Yeh! The best I am able to do is make donations to organizations that are actively engaged against the government like NRA , GOA, ACLJ (American Civil Liberties Justice) there are a few more but I just don't feel like I am really doing anything to change the course.

P.S. I have last observed that 50 Manufactures of arms and munitions are refusing to sell their wares to any state LEO agency who's state has a Anti-gun bill in force. There must be more than that now but haven't had an update on that. Guess at least Uncle will have to buy his arms and munitions from China:))