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Column by new Root Striker William Hubbard.
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I have sullied myself this day, and for no profitable reason. I have stained my soul and made a lopsided deal with the devil. I entered the voting booth this afternoon, for the last time, against my principle, in order that I may fight for other principles. I have not voted in years. This is not out of apathy but out of strength in my beliefs. I do not believe one should force their opinions on their fellow man at the point of a government’s gun. Three wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner is no way to protect the meek, but today I mistook the ends justifying the means. This is never the case and my soul has historically known better. I am ashamed. I hoped to vote against one evil and for a good. My fellow man does not share my beliefs; of this I am now sure.
There was a man whom I hoped was the last voice of freedom and peace to hold this country from ruin. This statesman, Dr. Ron Paul, was the only presidential candidate of the last 50-odd years to truly take to heart the Christian admonition of the Golden Rule and apply it to our policy of dealing with our neighbors; the only man in more years than I have lived to believe in loving your enemies, not bombing them--man, woman and child alike, for harming us in no way. His campaign will be not more than a footnote in our history, if that.
It appears the people in the once great state of North Carolina are more concerned with whether or not two men may love each other enough to commit to a lifetime together than if their tax dollars are used to incinerate children across the globe. They are more worried about enforcing one set of so called biblical values on their fellow Americans than standing by the values straight from the mouth of their professed savior. I am not a Christian, but Jesus never once mentioned homosexuality, yet repeated at length the admonition of love, peace, forgiveness and not judging each other. I hoped by turning on my strident belief against the polls, I might stand against the hatred embodied in Amendment One of this state’s constitution and stand for an end to our country’s violence against our fellow man. Instead I have only degraded myself. I have turned to what I knew was wrong only to be shown it was for naught. It was not fighting the good fight. It was not a last stand. It was a vile, despicable act of which I cannot wash myself clean.    

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G'day William Hubbard,

As Jim Davies correctly wrote in his recent STR article entitled What a Time to Be Alive!, "Government can manage without votes", so rest assured that, contrary to popular belief, your voting, or not voting, means almost nothing to those individuals running the STATE.

Also, "the people in the once great state of North Carolina are NOT more concerned with whether or not two men may love each other enough to commit to a lifetime together"; their vote in this matter, whether they know it or not, was only concerned with whether or not their god, called STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA[1], will be the third party in these same-sex marriages, so that they may get the benefits and privileges 'He' bestows.

[1] ″…in modern society, with its religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity, it would be much harder for any single group to demand allegiance — except for the state, which remains the one universally accepted god.″ ~ Roderick T. Long, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Well, almost "universally accepted". ;)

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Besides, why all this fuss about same-sex marriage.

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You're absolutely correct on both counts, Suverans2.

Why make three-way contracts with parasites? If you've having the "same-sex" for a number of years and want to spice it up, do what you know!

Leave state agents out of the equation.

(On the other hand, William, don't beat yourself up for having "voted" one way or the 'tuther. G-d'll forgive you for voting).


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I too have considered voting for Ron Paul. The point is whether voting matters some, or not at all. If there is even a little utility to voting (for us, not for the ruling class) it seems we have an obligation at least to attempt to stop the killing with this small action. "Voting changes nothing" is certainly true for the run-of-the-mill politician, but Ron Paul certainly is not one.

I'm still on the fence on this one.

I think though, that Ron Paul's attempt certainly has done a lot of good. Maybe it's done the best that reasonably could have been expected.

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With you on this one, Paul.

Ron has indeed done a bunch of good, despite the serious shortfalls in his platform. Today I read he has stopped campaigning, but has not endorsed Mitt. Good. Tampa may yet be interesting.

I have been very impressed indeed at the enthusiasm of his supporters. In NH on the Primary's eve, I saw several very professional pro-Paul banners on the highway, yet not a single b-sticker, even, for anyone else.

What matters is what that groundswell does next. Ron will not disappear, but he must retire eventually. Who will replace him? Rand? Hmmm.

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G'day Paul,

You wrote, " seems we have an obligation at least to attempt to stop the killing with this small action [i.e. voting for Ron Paul]." [Emphasis and bracketed info added]

Would it be fair to presume "we" refers to the voluntary members of the BODY POLITIC[1] generally referred to as "United States citizens", since those of us who choose not to be members of that CORPORATION cannot vote in presidential elections[2]?

[1] Definition of BODY POLITIC 1: a group of persons politically organized under a single governmental authority 2 archaic : corporation 2 ~ Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition

[2] Definition of CORPORATION ...2: a body formed and authorized by law to act as a single person although constituted by one or more persons and legally endowed with various rights and duties... (Ibid.) [Emphasis added]

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If our voting or not voting means nothing to those operating the state, then why do they spend so much money to get elected to the position? That's the puzzeler to me. Can anyone out there illucidate my feeble mind?