Anarcho-Capitalism and Monopolies


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""Let’s look at why people produce things in a free market."

Ok, let's do it.

Men do not do repetitive work as a matter of choice. They do it out of dire necessity. They can be driven to this sort of work only if they are deprived of access to the land. Our system of private property in land forces landless men to work for others; to work in factories, stores, and offices, whether they like it or not. Wherever access to land is free, men work only to provide what they actually need or desire. Wherever the white man has come in contact with savage cultures this fact becomes apparent. There is for savages in their native state no such sharp distinction between "work" and "not working" as clocks and factory whistles have accustomed the white man to accept. They cannot be made to work regularly at repetitive tasks in which they have no direct interest except by some sort of duress. Disestablishment from land, like slavery, is a form of duress. The white man, where slavery cannot be practiced, has found that he must first disestablish the savages from their land before he can force them to work steadily for him. Once they are disestablished, they are in effect starved into working for him and into working as he directs. Only after he has made it impossible for them to support themselves as they desire, does be find it possible to drive them to work for him according to approved factory techniques, with sharp distinctions between the time devoted to productive labor and the time devoted to rest or play. ~Dr. Ralph Borsodi, This Ugly Civilization (1929)

Looks to me like "free" market is about as free as "glorious" communism is glorious. In fact, both as city-Statist (civilization) political flavors are more similar than they are different.

Both heavily regulate the Land with big-government artificial privation property borders that restrict the free movement of people to live a Non-State society lifeway of foraging. If they didn't cause such privation, nobody would do drudge work in horrible factories and offices, away from their families all day, for the hierarchical elite.