Another Day, Another Cop Shoots a Dog


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I'm wondering why Reason felt the need to needlessly interject "already underpaid and underappreciated" into their narrative about police.

That is emphatically an editorial opinion, and it conflicts with the narrative that police are routinely killing family pets without provocation, remorse, or consequence in multiple cities of the U.S.

And police are hardly homogenous across the whole country. Andy Griffiths--if they even still exist anywhere--may be underrated, but I imagine that some residents of Albuquerque would opine that their cops are murderous swine, and overappreciated, while California residents may wonder why ex-cops, retired at the ripe old age of 55, are drawing 6-figure pensions.

Hitting that phrase was like stepping into a deceptively deep pothole in a wintry parking lot.