Bank Laundering Whistleblower Labeled 'Insane' Then Locked Away in Psychiatric Hospital for Seven Years


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So this man notified the authorithies that his
own Wife was helping Clients of her Bank
to launder their money(any kind of income that hasn´t been
properly taxed in the first place -illegal -) and then to
evade(even more illegal) further Taxation by transfering
the money to Switzerland.
A true Hero !
At least this Story has an happy End, his Wife was fired and
a lot of evil Taxevaders most likely will by be in serious trouble
by now.
Dont know if this man is really insane and the a psych clinc is
the right place for him.
I also know that the HypoVereinsbank is a Bank with sometimes
rude business attitudes in other Areas( A large Scam with east-German
real estate which ruined thousends of guileless customers.)
Nevertheless I dont feel really sorry for him.