Behind Closed Doors, Government Officials Make Shocking Comments About Civil Forfeiture


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Should I, an anarchist, be "outraged" -- "shocked" -- at this news?

I say no!

In fact, I'm happy to see published reports -- even if mostly at "alternative news" sites -- outlining the nature of the beast. Because this not something new. It has been covertly and overtly the political "plank" for hundreds and hundreds of years, since the first khans conquered the first settlements and tribes and caravans and set up the precursors of what we know as the state(<==PDF).

And I know the "system" can't be fixed, or improved upon. Leviathan can and will only become larger and larger and more and more coercive and abusive -- as long as there are dupes to aggrandize his machinations -- until a critical mass of current mini-statists become anarchists and pull each and every senator and representative claiming to represent "him." off their pedestals. Everywhere. Across and around the entirety of the globe.

Until the psychopaths calling themselves "state" present one of their bread-and-circus events ("elections") and nobody -- nobody -- registers to "vote".

Or perhaps only 1% or 2% of "eligibles", (who will represent mainly government employees after the implosion occurs) will "...get out the vote...".

A fun time to be alive, Mates! But please, abstain from beans. Sam