The Best And Worst States To Do Business In


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I commented in another forum:

Keep in mind that an index like this is an aggregation of factors, not all of which should be considered positive from one's own point of view. For example, the article states,

"While the Lone Star State may not be perfect—many leaders would like to see improvements in its education system..."

By that one can guess that one measure of "goodness" in this Index is something like per-capita expenditures of tax dollars for "edjookashun" (I have not verified this by examining their model, it's just a guess). Personally I would consider that a negative, not a positive. Businessmen are not consistently pro-freedom.

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Improve educational system ? It was ! Our government through the department of education has deliberately lowered the standards, so the instructors could make wealth, and force parents to pay for the "missed" education at the college curriculum level.
Pure and simple: Business, to rape the public.