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For a change of pace, today's Zero Government Blog takes a look at people who have worked to earn a lot of it. It also suggests how they might use a little of what they earned. So, enjoy Rich Folks, and salivate.

Parasite Attacks Host

The EU government has set its sights on one of the most creative of recent companies, Google. Just possibly, however, the Company might shoot back. EU vs Google, out today, suggests how.

Busted Tail Lights and Rust Buckets


Vehicles may not all be pristine in the coming zero government society, but they will not lead to drivers being shot in the back by uniformed thugs.
But there's more to the story of the Walter Scott tragedy than a racist cop run amok, as shown in today's ZGBlog.

A Libertarian in the Oval Office

That's been a hope since the LP was founded. This week Rand Paul declared he's running for Prez, and the latest poll shows him ahead of Hillary. Is this a credible way to bring about a free society?
White House Dreams, out today, shows why not.

Where Rights Come From

Certainly not from government, of course. Where, then; thin air? God?  Today's ZGBlog offers an answer.

Prejudices and Profits

Some are said to be penny-wise and pound-foolish, but this week Indiana's government turned that old saying on its head; having just written a law, it promptly if partially reversed itself upon hearing a squeal in the national media. Pence Foolish, out today, tells the tale, and reminds readers who has, and who does not have, the right to make business decisions. Enjoy.

Beyond Lubitz' Head

The French were rather efficient at finding out why an airliner collided with an Alp last week, but nobody has been looking much beyond the immediate reason.
Why the Airbus Crashed, out today, digs five levels deep for the ultimate cause.

Will Crime Increase, When Government Goes?

That's the scary scenario our enemies like to spread. Government may not be nice, but the alternative is worse. Do they have a point?
The very opposite is the case, reasons today's Zero Government Blog; but a new word has to be coined so as to develop the reasons. Enjoy Krime in the Coming ZGS.

Gun Crazy


One of the nasty ways government junkies like to scare people off doing without it is to suggest a free society would be infested by gun nuts; that everyone would shoot everyone else when mildly annoyed.
Gun Nuts, Absent Government is out today, to explore that allegation.

Government Tightens Grip on the Net


- so says The New Public Utility, out today. But it's not as bad, or as long-lasting, as it may seem.

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