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One of the few bits of good news this year has been that gas prices fell off a cliff. Today's ZGBlog explores why that happened, and finds it may be the wrong question; better, ask why they were so high for so long. Enjoy Why So Low?

A Squirrel's Tale

All the current fuss in Ferguson might suggest that police focus on shooting young black men.
Not at all; they are equal-opportunity killers, as today's Zero Government Blog relates - in the words of a little bushy-tail, so intelligent as not to understand the significance of a government costume. His story is almost completely true.

Baiting the Bear

It's almost unbelievable, what the imperial US has been doing the last several months to Russia. It's almost as if the Obama gang wants another war, at least a cold one.
Today's ZGBlog suggests that perhaps they do, and that such is perfectly consistent with government.

The Masses are Revolting

- and it's about time. But many of them need a little guidance, which we're well placed to provide. Enjoy today's ZGBlog: Incoherent Anger.

Buchanan's Religion

A while back in Cults, the Zero Government Blog suggested that it's inconsistent, at the same time to promote a rational world view while adhering to a non-rational belief system.
Today's Edition shows an example of how that works out in practice, as Pat. Enjoy.

And the walls came a-tumbalin' down

What seemed impossible a short time earlier, became a reality 25 years ago today.
The latest Zero Government Blog helps celebrate that fact, in Walls Fall. Enjoy.

A Bright Future

Progress and government are permenently opposed; it's amazing that humanity has come so far. Far Out is today's ZGBlog, and explores some of what tomorrow will be like with, or without government. Enjoy!

Menda City, D.C.

Last week you may have heard that Quantitative Easing has ended.
Ever suspicious of government statements, I dug up the figures; and found a surprise. I doubt that it's really ending, but I discovered it never really began! Deception, piled high upon deception. Take a look, in today's Zero Government Blog: Bye-Bye, QE?

What's Up in Canada?

Surprise was my first reaction to the news of the two assassinations in Ottawa. Didn't quite fit my image of the country. So today's ZGBlog tries to take the lid off Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.


It's hard to "get through" to people with the offer of freedom, partly because so many have been swindled into supposing government is necessary or even net-beneficial to them, but partly because their brains are so addled by some religion or other that they have almost lost the ability to think straight.
Today's Zero Government Blog explores that second problem and suggests how it may be solved.

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