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Statists are still making a meal of Munich, alleging that evil should have been choked off sooner than it was and that a shameful thing was done in that city in 1938.
It's one of the ways they perpetuate war, which is the health of the State.
I was there a couple of months ago, and today's Zero Government Blog takes a different view.

The Natural Order

Is order decreasing, or increasing, in Nature; and how much does it matter, and how does it affect anarchist thought?
In The Laws of Science, today's ZGBlog explores.

Dangerous Mathematics

Not to students, but to government-school teachers. It trains the mind to reason, which is the last thing they want. See more in today's ZGBlog.

Where kindness begins


A few weeks ago Glen Allport wrote a fine piece here calling for more kindness in society, not merely abstention from evildoing as in the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP.)
I thought this very interesting subject needed some addiional airing, so wrote today's ZGBlog, subtitled Kindly Stop It. Enjoy.

Was Slavery Abolished?


Of course, say government propagandists, in classrooms and elsewhere.
Not so fast, says today's Zero Government Blog, Our Slave State. But there is an escape route.

How full is the glass?


Far too many libertarians think it's half empty.
Bright, or Cloudy? is today's ZGBlog, and offers the opposite opinion.

Governments Can't Fix It

Today's ZGBlog continues and amplifies the theme of last week's: that large-scale, cross-cultural migration may be the biggest problem of our era, that it was caused by government, and cannot be solved by government. This therefore looks good for the prospect of discontinuing government.
In particular, a key election is due in France next weekend, and Marine LePen may possibly win it. The Blog suggests why even she will fail to fix the problem. A bonus however is that she may ease France out of the EU, so precipitating an end to that supra-government. Exciting times; enjoy Marine.

The Muslim Flood

Governments created this problem, and all over the Western world are wringing their hands in despair about how to fix it. Meanwhile, libertarians can have a quite different view. So enjoy today's zero Government Blog: Menace, or Opportunity?

Resistance with Guns


In his fictional saga Unintended Consequences, John Ross portrays an America in which guns and other weapons are used in a spontaneous uprising against an arrogant government. Today's ZGBlog considers that Other Use for Guns.

About those Chemical Weapons

Today's Zero Government Blog has two suggestions: Assad's deployment of CWs on April 4th didn't happen, and in any case the way this month's narrative has been controlled demonstrates again that government cannot be ended by trying to join it. Enjoy Politics Cannot Cut It.

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