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Two Kinds of Killer

In the wake of Memorial Day, the latest Zero Government Blog explores government's sick, double standards about the taking of human life.
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Who Wags Whom?

There's a persistent myth on the Left that wicked capitalists control government and that all would be well if only such dogs could be tamed.
Today's Zero Government Blog adjusts the canine anatomy. Enjoy!

Clay Feet


He's a distinguished Econ scholar, of the Austrian School. He admires Murray Rothbard. He contributes frequently to an anarcho-capitalist web site. So what could possibly go wrong?

Driving Miss Sulie

Today's Zero Government Blog, via TinyURL.com/ZGBlog, tells of a tragedy in Texas, in which a lady of 93 was shot to death by a trigger-happy cop. It shows cause and effect beginning with the government's arrogant claim to monopolize force and run the roads, and how such a murder could not happen in a zero government society.

Revolutions Aren't Passive


Libertarians can be classified into three groups. The first knows that the State is evil, but supposes it to be permanent. So they hunker down to survive, taking perverse pleasure in belonging to a small, persecuted minority of the only ones in step. I've nothing to say to that group, except please to get out of the way.
A second also recognizes the immensity of the enemy, but anticipates that given time, it will collapse under its own weight and incompetence. And a third group treats the State as a problem to be solved rationally like any other, and undertakes a surprisingly light task to bring about its early demise.
Today''s Zero Government Blog explores some aspects of the second and third groups. Enjoy!

The Slave Trade


The recent shocker from Nigeria is just the tip of the iceberg, once one considers what "slavery" means.
Today's Zero Government Blog explores the subject. Enjoy!

Words They Never Used


Whether the Ukraine crisis is real or just political theater to keep everyone scared and dependent, there is a very simple fix available. Today's Zero Government Blog shows why governments will not use it.

Blinded by Envy


Protesters on the Left are half-right; there's a great deal wrong with society as it is. But obsession with the 1% richest Americans who supposedly run everything has blinded them to the abundant opportunities for advancement and wealth after government has evaporated.
Today's Zero Government Blog reveals that income disparity today is by no means what they may imagine, and removes the blinders over that future in freedom; it's called In and Out of The 1%. Enjoy.

Be Kind to Humble Hyphens


"Anarchist" is a label good enough for me. Its etymology is plain: it says I favor No Rule. I own myself, so I have the right to rule myself, so nobody else does.

But what of a qualifier, such as -capitalist? or -Libertarian? Are these useful add-ons, to the root word?

Such deep questions of philosophy and grammar are explored in today's Zero Government Blog, at TinyURL.com/ZGBlog . Enjoy.

Bubble of Unreality


Hard to believe, but last evening the People's Broadcasting System put out a program critical of socialism!
The fact is celebrated in today's Zero Government Blog. Enjoy.

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