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M for Malaysia

Don't know about you, but I find the mystery of the missing 777 quite riveting.
At the start of the week all was confusion and contradiction, but today the FedGov has said it's looking in the Indian Ocean, having info that MH 370 crossed back Westwards over the Malay peninsula. This is a nice confirmation that my own theory, published two days ago, might be correct.
Several days' delay - which may have been fatal for the 239 aboard if they did land and were awaiting rescue - resulted from Malaysian government reluctance to admit that while their radar had "seen" the plane leave the West coast Westwards, it had failed to reveal it entering the East coast from the East. Oops! Hey neighbor, we have a big gap in our defenses, come along in any time.
The heavily-beribboned and -bemedalled officer in charge of that radar system would be especially embarrassed to admit the failure. He might have to explain where the funds, provided for the purpose, were spent. On such government incompetence and corruption, lives hang.

Justice in the Republic


Oscar Pistorius is on trial for murder in South Africa, and reports of it indicate that "justice" in those parts may be even more bizarre than in these United States.

A "plus" first, though: one witness, a former girl friend, recalled that Oscar was once stopped for speeding (MacLarens "speed" soon after one changes from second to third gear) and the cop saw a gun lying on the seat. Did he pull his own, shout "freeze!!" and call for  backup? No. He contemptuously emptied the magazine on to the floor and then drove off. Oscar put the bullets back in place and shot one into the air and they both laughed. Seems cops there aren't so uptight.

But the big minus is that there is no jury. Oscar is accused of deliberately shooting his (subsequent) girl friend, and judgment will be handed down by a female, feminist judge. One. The sort that any US defense lawyer would do his utmost to exclude from a jury.

Pistorius has been without feet since soon after he was born, but has persevered to win big in the paralympics, using special, springy prosthetics; he's the "blade runner." I saw a cruel comment that in this courtroom he "doesn't have a leg to stand on." Unhappily, it may be so - regardless of actual guilt or innocence.

A Threat to the Dollar


LRC and PressTV report today that in response to the rude and boorish things Loose-Cannon Kerry and his boss have been saying recently about Russia, Kremlin economic aide Sergei Glazyev said that US sanctions would cause Russia to “...find a way not just to reduce our dependency on the United States to zero but to emerge from those sanctions with great benefits for ourselves,” adding that Russia could stop using dollars for international transactions (my italics.)
“An attempt to announce sanctions would end in a crash for the financial system of the United States, which would cause the end of the domination of the United States in the global financial system.”
I heard several years ago that the use of the US Dollar as the world's currency for international transactions was a primary reason why this country has prospered rather well since 1944. This is the first time I've seen it admitted openly by a government spokesman.
So now we know: global demand for dollars is high (so boosting our living standards) not just because our exports are in demand, but because dollars are needed when some country buys a shipload of grain from Russia. Print money, get rich. What a racket.

Vlad's View

Seems all Ukrainians got what they wanted, in the last ten days.

In the North and West they wanted the tyrant Yanukovich to quit, and sure enough he quat. In the South East, where everyone has been Russian since the days of Noah (or at any rate, 1774) they wanted to restore the good old blue, white and red and thanks to the tanks of Mr Putin, they too have got their wish. So what could possibly go wrong?

Just a couple of things. The Westerners asked for too little, and the South Easterners asked for too much. In Kiev, the heroes of Maidan were treated to an extra bonus: a whole, glorious weekend with no sign of government at all - a sip of freedom I hope they will remember and thirst for in the years to come; but they didn't ask for it to continue, not having had an in-depth re-education in liberty. Result: a government, which, as soon as it had chosen an interim president, demanded the return of Yanukovich for trial as a traitor. In that single move these idiots proved that they have no more idea of justice than Hang-em High Holder, nor any more of diplomacy than Loose-Cannon Kerry.

Meanwhile their compatriots in Crimea have let in the Russians, but have set no limit on how much of Ukraine they are to take. So long as they stay local to their Navy base, all may yet be well; but there's the rub.

See the world from Putin's perspective. A few hundred miles to his South there is a State so Russophobic as to destroy a statue of an authentic Russian hero, General Kutuzov. That's as if someone pulled down Nelson from his perch above Trafalgar Square, or dynamited Lincoln from his chair overlooking the Mall. Suppose it rents out land (being strapped for cash) for half a dozen US air bases. Suppose it invites the US Navy to set up a base at Odessa. Suppose it recommissions a missile silo or two, with American help, and points them North. One can readily understand that he views such possibilities like Kennedy viewed the ill-fated foray of Kruschev to Cuba.

So, sometime around the Ides of March, he might just march in to the whole of Ukraine and remove those risks. And if that happens, even yr hmbl srvnt might temper his optimism.




Surely there is no limit to the evil givernments do. They have given us yet another sinister acronym, for "Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group."
Thanks to Russia Today, there's news just out that the "Five Eyes" of worldwide surveillance have developed a systematic way not just to listen to what people say but to intervene and twist what appears on forums and social media. The article is here. STR is not proof against their infiltrated poison.

Invisible Growth


Gary North has an interesting piece out today. Unlike me, he is interested in growing churches, but the principle is good: do it underground, quietly. This is how TOLFA works; no parades, no meetings, no speeches, no campaigns - just one-to-one, exponential replication.
Quote: "If you can’t find it, you cannot tax it. If you cannot find it, you cannot regulate it. If you cannot find it, you cannot subsidize it. If you cannot tax it or regulate it or subsidize it, the state cannot suppress it. It’s simple. And it is working, just as it worked from Nero to Diocletian."



The New York Times has published something useful!  This article reveals that the NSA can now target a PC even though it's not connected to the Net, and report what is being typed.
And over on The Guardian, this one tells an almost incredible story that would be funny if it were not so ominous: one Luke Harding is writing a book about Edward Snowden. As he was doing so on his laptop, the text began to delete itself, before his eyes.
There is no alternative: government has got to go.



I find it very hard to understand what's going on in Kiev. Putin would clearly like the country to join his empire, and the McCain/Kerry duopoly clearly want it to join the West. The MSM say it's a quarrel about the bloc with whom the country should be aligned; the EU (West of the city) or Russia (to its East.)
But the longer the protest continues, the less I believe that. People don't fight and die for a rather abstract policy.
It's worth a couple of minutes to watch youtu.be/Hvds2AIiWLA - a young lady on the protester's front lines explains what it's about. "We want to be free from the politicians, who work only for themselves", she says. "We are normal people... civilized people; but our government are barbarians."
Don't know how deep that runs, or whether these folk have a serious plan to overthrow the Yanukovitch regime and replace it with nothing; but on their face, those are pretty libertarian sentiments.

Winners & Losers


- from the government scam.
There's an interesting analysis out today in The Telegraph, here. I've not seen anything similar for the US, but this UK picture is probably not very different.
Notice, 40% are net losers and 60% are net winners. So long as that kind of majority is retained, the lambs are unlikely to outvote the wolves concerning the lunch menu.

Government Kills Man's Best Friend

Will Grigg has done it again. This time, the victim of government violence had four legs. Read about it and see the video clip here. The Labrador's dying yelp after Corporal Tarek Hassani had shot him has haunted me all day.
Hooch was barking, as dogs do when strangers approach. He had run around the cop car, but was back on his owner's lawn. He had been provoked by being kicked, but was not armed and did not retaliate, not even by chewing Hassani's ankle. But now he is dead.
The Filer, ID police chief Tim Reeves has exonerated the Corporal. So has the nearest government prosecutor. Some busybody had called Hassani to the scene because "dogs were running wild" and Filer has some law to say they have to be leashed. Day was, when an owner could decide whether his dog could or could not run free; nobody wants his dog killed by a vehicle so there is ample motivation to make the right decision. Yet after the dog murder, Hassani swore at the owner and wrote him a ticket for letting the dog run loose. There is no word yet on whether he will be made to pay for the bullet.
So it's yet another example of why government is utterly reprobate, beyond hope of taming. It has to go. The means are at hand.


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